Michelle (Purplefowler)

Michelle (Purplefowler)

Purplefowler (Michelle to her friends) bought her first vaping device on 14th July 2011 and hasn’t smoked since. Being a bit nerdy, she started looking online for advice on general vaping and found some good U.K. forums who were mostly populated with bearded real ale drinkers with holes in their hand knitted jumpers and geeky women (michelle was one of the latter as her beard growing skills were lacking!).


When her usual forum closed, Michelle found herself in a brave new world full of excitement that something fresh and new was happening. A few days later she somehow found herself on the moderating team and is still not really sure how that happened. Even stranger, she slowly worked her way up to admin and now helps behind the scenes, liasing with vendors and coordinating social media but she can still be found making smutty comments on the forum.

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Email: [email protected]

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