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The Government is reminding secondary schools that it would like them to participate in NHS statistical survey measuring the use of smoking, drinking and drug use by young people
28.11.2023 by Dave Cross
The minister for vaping resigns, new appointments have been made in the Department of Health, eyebrows are raised at links to industry, and Andrea Leadsom fields her first questions
28.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Responsibility, best practice and innovation were firmly front-and-centre at the UK Vaping Industry Association’s vape industry awards
27.11.2023 by Dave Cross
The Daily Mail reports that Scotland is giving serious consideration to implementing a rolling ban on vapes as well as tobacco for children aged 14 and under – described as concerning by a consumer organisation
27.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Vape retailer Vape Green has asked vapers about their habits and how they feel about the UK government restricting vaping – the results are in!
24.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Consumers condemn Finland's tax increase plan on nicotine pouches and vape e-liquids
24.11.2023 by Dave Cross

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