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Top brands from the world of CBD and Vape will be exhibiting at the Scottish event campus in Glasgow on 28-29 February 2020.
22.11.2019 by Toby Kilroy
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte turns his attention to vapers and vaping - and it's not looking good
21.11.2019 by Dave Cross
A team from the Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research at London South Bank University looked at the impact of the TPD health warnings on vape products
21.11.2019 by Dave Cross
The Advertising Standards Authority knocked back complaints about Imperial Tobacco’s Blu adverts
20.11.2019 by Dave Cross

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The Squid Double Barrel V3 is one of those mods that will appeal to new and experienced vapers. Yes, it’s very simple, but it has something about it that is very appealing.
It would be our pleasure to introduce you to two ranges of liquids from newcomers to this wonderful industry of ours….a company founded this year none the less…who like to call themselves simply…Wisp.
After reviewing the shortfill versions of the Rachael Rabbit range, I was genuinely excited to get my hands on some of their nic salts to review, in my experience it’s rare to find nic salt flavours to rival freebase shortfills, so do these manage to deliver a similar flavour?
Aspire have been in the game for sometime now and always bring out hardware which has shown the vaping world what they can do to keep things fresh and new. This time we take a look at the Odan tank.

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If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a CBD product, is there any guarantee about its effectiveness in treating common ailments?
Did you know that 4% of people in the world are allergic to the PG in e-liquid? Salted caramel, Jamaican run or the classic apple and cinnamon? Choosing your e-liquid flavour may be one of the most exciting things about vaping. But it’s the make-up of your e-juice that actually makes the biggest difference. And with some vapers reporting having allergic reactions to their vaping juices, choosing the e-liquid with the right composition is crucial to a safe and pleasant vaping experience.