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American anti-vape hysteria has seen a number of bizarre school toilet closures around the world - a Scottish school is the latest to lose all sense in a so-called crackdown on vaping
27.05.2022 by Dave Cross
It is clear to anybody observing the vape debate that many within tobacco control are prepared to bend the truth – the question is why?
27.05.2022 by Dave Cross
A new paper published in Nature Medicine looked at how well e-cigarettes worked for smoking cessation in and following pregnancy
26.05.2022 by Dave Cross
Professor Robert Beaglehole and Professor Ruth Bonita have taken The Lancet and the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to task
26.05.2022 by Dave Cross
Researchers at the Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina have repeated errors they made in 2019 to claim vapers are inhaling dangerous levels of a substance
25.05.2022 by Dave Cross
Knowledge·Action·Change has spoken about the launch of its latest in a series of Briefing Papers as part of the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction project
25.05.2022 by Dave Cross

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