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The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction has released a new series of briefing papers in advance of its forthcoming report
18.10.2021 by Dave Cross
America’s Food and Drugs Administration has finally authorised a premarket tobacco product application, but it leaves uncertainty in its wake
18.10.2021 by Dave Cross
Sunderland AFC football club head coach Lee Johnson has attacked tobacco harm reduction product snus for being like “smoking three or four cigarettes at one time”
15.10.2021 by Dave Cross
Costa Rican politicians claim that there is no evidence of any benefits from switching from smoking to vaping and move to ban the use of vape devices in public spaces
15.10.2021 by Dave Cross
Thailand has implemented many bans on vaping, but could this be set to change and the government finally accept the value of tobacco harm reduction?
14.10.2021 by Dave Cross
The NHS spits truth about vaping and harm reduction in advice to compliment the UK’s Stoptober campaign aimed at encouraging smokers to take part in a mass quit attempt
14.10.2021 by Dave Cross

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