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Vape collective is back and better than ever! After their last great success in 2016, VapeCollective will be returning to Doncaster on the 9th and 10th June 2018!
12.12.2017 by OccultScientist
Top tales from the world of vape.
12.12.2017 by Mawsley
Professor Gerry Stimson ventures his opinions on electronic cigarettes.
10.12.2017 by Mawsley
A new book looks at the effects of vaping on men’s reproductive and sexual health.
10.12.2017 by Mawsley

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New from Coil Art is the DPRO RDA, which stands for “Drip like a Pro.” This RDA is 24mm in diameter, has fully adjustable airflow, a post-less design and an entirely gold-plated build deck.
Bryn’s Special sauce is produced by Edinburgh based company Jac Vapour. The offered flavours are truly sublime and offer a great deal of complexity that will be absolutely ideal for anyone who is looking for something uniquely new!
One of the latest starter kits to hit the market is the Apro 22 Kit, a tube shaped sub ohm kit from popular manufacturers UD, who are very well known for their Goblin and Bellus rebuildable tanks.
Attitude Vapes new range, Neon, made its debut at the recent Vaper Expo and both proved to be wildly popular with Vaper Expo attendees, with stock selling out very quickly indeed! The Neon range presently consists of two fruity and exotic e-liquids, named Vice and Kiss, with more additions planned for the future.

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Nicotine salts is a term you might have seen popping up quite a fair bit recently, and many of you might be scratching your heads as to what they actually are. Here's a quick guide to get you up to speed.
Are you planning on quitting smoking and using electronic cigarettes this January? POTV offers some advice.