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Researchers are erroneously claiming that nicotine is causing lower back problems.
23.01.2018 by Mawsley
Professor Gerry Stimson will argue the case to overturn the ban on snus this month.
22.01.2018 by Mawsley
Chinese researchers have looked at what Chinese adolescents think ecigs when compared to tobacco cigarettes.
19.01.2018 by Mawsley
SQuape E[c] from StattQualm
Like previous SQuape atomisers, the latest SQuape is designed and manufactured within Switzerland, and the latest SQuape tank promises to be the most affordable SQuape atomiser to date. It is known as the SQuape E[c], and it will be a stripped down
19.01.2018 by dw1986

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Vaporesso's most powerful device to date is the Revenger, which is the first device they produced which pushed through the 200W barrier providing direct competition to the most popular 200W+ mods on the market!
Brand new from UK manufacturer Vapouriz, The Coffee House is a range of four coffee E-Liquids. These juices are fully compliant with the TPD legislation and can be purchased in a 3x 10ml multipack for £9.99 and are also available as short fills.
An RDA that has been gaining a lot of hype across forums and social media recently is the Dead Rabbit RDA from Hellvape, a 24mm RDA designed by Heathen featuring a large four post build deck!
KonceptXIX is a new range of twelve E-liquids from Vampire Vape containing some of their established favourites.

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Nicotine salts is a term you might have seen popping up quite a fair bit recently, and many of you might be scratching your heads as to what they actually are. Here's a quick guide to get you up to speed.
Are you planning on quitting smoking and using electronic cigarettes this January? POTV offers some advice.