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The WHO’s latest report against vaping is “completely compromised”, says consumer advocacy group The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates
28.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The World Health Organization’s anti-vaping rhetoric is nonsensical and dangerous, says the UK Vaping Industry Association
28.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The World Health Organization distracts from decades of failed efforts to reduce smoking with misguided war on safer alternatives, says UK-based public health agency Knowledge Action Change
28.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The World Health Organization has released a deeply flawed and bias document attacking vaping and tobacco harm reduction
28.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The Philippines Senate has been told the world is watching as it moves to adopt the most progressive evidenced based legislation in the region
27.07.2021 by Dave Cross
Trade body UKVIA says the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping’s report acknowledges its recommendations for tobacco harm reduction
27.07.2021 by Dave Cross

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