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Army training centre for teenage recruits, previously embroiled in a bullying scandal, is banning cadets from vaping
19.09.2019 by Dave Cross
California is to spend $20 million on a campaign aimed at telling people not to vape
19.09.2019 by Dave Cross
The American Vaping Association responds to the “senseless” flavoured vaping ban that, it says, will cost lives and jobs
18.09.2019 by Dave Cross
New York is now the second state in the USA to have banned flavoured eliquids.
18.09.2019 by Dave Cross

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The Lost Vape Lyra doesn’t offer anything game changing but it does offer a great quality device that delivers superb flavour
Marina Vape are back with a great new range that brings all of your favourite dessert blends to the table.
The Trinity Alpha is a superb quality, feature packed, great looking device that’s let down by a huge fatal flaw
The Dovpo M VV II is a bold, series dual 18650 mod at a bargain price.

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If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a CBD product, is there any guarantee about its effectiveness in treating common ailments?
Did you know that 4% of people in the world are allergic to the PG in e-liquid? Salted caramel, Jamaican run or the classic apple and cinnamon? Choosing your e-liquid flavour may be one of the most exciting things about vaping. But it’s the make-up of your e-juice that actually makes the biggest difference. And with some vapers reporting having allergic reactions to their vaping juices, choosing the e-liquid with the right composition is crucial to a safe and pleasant vaping experience.