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The online Leaving No Smoker Behind conference took place this week, addressing how vaping can aid smoking cessation with the homeless
19.01.2021 by Dave Cross
35 organisations representing millions of vapers around the world urged Google to not ban vaping related apps from Google Play
19.01.2021 by Dave Cross
Consumer group Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy believes this year is key to getting Smokefree NZ back on track
18.01.2021 by Dave Cross
The Independent British Vape Trade Association trade organisation has established a partnership with WorldNet Payments for its members
18.01.2021 by Dave Cross
A team from Ohio State University whips up fear over the supposed American teen epidemic and gateway to smoking, but University College London experts say it simply isn’t an issue
15.01.2021 by Dave Cross
New Zealand chain Vapo is continuing to fight against the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as it opens yet another new store
15.01.2021 by Dave Cross

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