Vaping News

The Canadian Constitution Foundation has released an executive statement from a report about vaping due this week
21.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Vape and tobacco harm reduction related news stories from around the world
21.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Mexico has announced a ban on the importation of vape products despite doing nothing to combat smoking and the corruption surrounding it
20.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Dr Karl Erik Lund and Norwegian consumer group Nikan have attacked “unbalanced and exaggerated information” about vaping printed in a national newspaper
19.02.2020 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance is warning visitors to India that they run the risk of having vape equipment confiscated
19.02.2020 by Dave Cross
SRNT Europe has announced a four-day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module and Knowledge Exchange Workshop on for professionals with an interest in public health and policy
18.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Members of the POTV forum are reporting problems with deliveries due to the coronavirus outbreak in China – and it’s being celebrated by an activist in Australia
18.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Clive Bates has published a lengthy question and answer resource on nicotine science and policy, including a section debunking common myths surrounding vaping
17.02.2020 by Dave Cross
The ongoing anti-vaping attacks, through communication and legislative action, is fuelling a boost to tobacco company trading stocks
14.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Journal of the American Heart Association published a study by Stanton Glantz riddled with errors – and is refusing to act on the research misconduct
13.02.2020 by Dave Cross