Vaping News

An EU official has referred to vaping as a “poison” in a puritanical outburst, prompting a letter of condemnation from tobacco harm reduction experts
19.02.2019 by Dave Cross
The latest discussion about vaping from Parliament
18.02.2019 by Dave Cross
An update on how the stigma of smoking impacts pregnant women and research findings announced showing no impact of vaping on birth weight or preterm delivery
18.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Dr Lynne Dawkins presented a myth-busting lecture on e-cigarettes addressing common concerns and misperceptions about vaping.
15.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Two tragic events have occurred in the last seven days, but that shouldn’t detract from the lives vaping is saving from tobacco-related harm
14.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Planet of the Vapes forum members share their success stories of how vaping helped them to quit smoking tobacco – 9/10
14.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Another study from the University of Hawaii proves that some researchers value pushing an agenda over conducting proper science
13.02.2019 by Dave Cross
David Abrams, formerly against vaping, argued against a ban on eliquid flavours at the NYC City Council Committee on Health
12.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Michelle Minton has written a report for the Competitive Enterprise Institute on who is profiting from attacking vaping
11.02.2019 by Dave Cross
The New England Journal of Medicine has printed many ridiculous articles; this month’s editorial encapsulates its rank hypocrisy and dishonesty
08.02.2019 by Dave Cross