Vaping News

Vaping is placed on a par with illegal drugs as a set of schools in Ohio begin random searches and scans with detector wands
18.04.2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance warns that up to 35,000 UK tourists could risk jail in Hong Kong under a proposed new law
18.04.2019 by Dave Cross
The Truth Initiative is offering enticements to get people to protest against JUUL.
16.04.2019 by Dave Cross
JUUL Labs has launched a pilot to track how its products get into the hands of teen vapers
16.04.2019 by Dave Cross
A collection of vape and tobacco-harm reduction stories from around the world
12.04.2019 by Dave Cross
University Hospital of Wales installs a big red buzzer to warn smokers to stop. It commits itself to support vaping.
11.04.2019 by Dave Cross
The “No Fire, No Smoke – Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction” report launch in Nigeria attracts criticism from people who didn’t read it
10.04.2019 by Dave Cross
The organisation ‘Action on Smoking and Health’ has released an updated briefing position statement on electronic cigarettes/vaping.
09.04.2019 by Dave Cross
Buffalo Professor says that young people are being let down with the selective information they’re being provided with and are entitled to the truth.
09.04.2019 by Dave Cross
A newspaper writes, “drivers could be fined thousands of pounds” for vaping, but ignores the fact that none have.
08.04.2019 by Dave Cross