Vaping News

The mask slipped this week as the FDA claimed explaining the advantages of vaping would confuse smokers.
23.01.2017 by Mawsley
BBC South carries a feature on the difficulties vapers have finding somewhere to vape at work.
20.01.2017 by Mawsley
A doctor claims that flavours in vape liquids has a negative impact on men’s prospects to reproduce.
19.01.2017 by Mawsley
Problems persist for prisoners attempting to access vape products instead of NRT.
18.01.2017 by Mawsley
Study confirms the number mistakenly worried by fictitious ecig dangers is growing.
17.01.2017 by Mawsley
Pro-ecig training carried out in 2016 is being undermined by Big Pharma.
16.01.2017 by Mawsley
Researcher drills down into the latest CDC data for brand popularity with teens.
13.01.2017 by Mawsley
Official policy is now to permit individual states to ban electronic cigarettes and other nicotine products.
12.01.2017 by Mawsley
American media coverage stoops to a new low in its anti-vape war.
11.01.2017 by Mawsley
CSUR research pours cold water on the notion that vaping is a gateway to smoking.
10.01.2017 by Mawsley