Vaping News

Assorted vape titbits from the world
20.07.2018 by Mawsley
It is announced that Juul will launch in 250 UK vape shops by the end of this week.
19.07.2018 by Mawsley
UK Involvement in the EU Sin Tax consultation and petition has been very low. Act now or face more expensive kit and juices.
18.07.2018 by Mawsley
Last week, we covered the story that Squonking may be under threat. Today, the MHRA clarifies their position.
17.07.2018 by Mawsley
UEA pair delves into why people relapse when quitting smoking, and discover it could be a quest to rediscover a sense of self.
16.07.2018 by Mawsley
Nassau County, New York, has passed legislation that attacks harm reduction.
13.07.2018 by Mawsley
Thomas Miller, Iowa’s Attorney General, has written to the FDA demanding a better approach to tobacco-harm reduction and vaping.
13.07.2018 by Mawsley
London DJ becomes hot stuff after failing to follow simply battery safety tips.
12.07.2018 by Mawsley
The recent white paper doesn’t appear to open up any opportunities to relax vaping regulation, according to Clive Bates.
12.07.2018 by Mawsley
Public consultation exercise by the FDA has been flooded with bogus anti-vape comments.
11.07.2018 by Mawsley