Vaping News

Researchers are erroneously claiming that nicotine is causing lower back problems.
23.01.2018 by Mawsley
Professor Gerry Stimson will argue the case to overturn the ban on snus this month.
22.01.2018 by Mawsley
Chinese researchers have looked at what Chinese adolescents think ecigs when compared to tobacco cigarettes.
19.01.2018 by Mawsley
America’s vaping teens are being labelled as drug users by school administrators.
18.01.2018 by Mawsley
Banned from festivals, confiscated at court, banned in Singapore, and it doesn’t work as a quit tool – the world of vape this week.
18.01.2018 by Mawsley
A research paper has been published in Nature, looking at vape impacting indoor air quality at a large vape event.
17.01.2018 by Mawsley
Is it possible to vape in Egypt, where vaping is banned? The answer is confusing.
17.01.2018 by Mawsley
Britain continues to lead the world in its approach to ecigs, but there is more to be done.
16.01.2018 by Mawsley
A summary of vape news stories in the national and international media.
16.01.2018 by Mawsley
Old behaviour resumes as tobacco companies jockey for market position with new products.
15.01.2018 by Mawsley