Vaping News

The Science and Technology Committee met for the final time as it investigates electronic cigarettes.
26.04.2018 by Mawsley
A ground-breaking event at the EU Parliament has led to a brace of powerful articles aimed at European politicians and decision makers.
26.04.2018 by Mawsley
A businessman who gave away a Bentley leads his vape liquid company to stock market floatation.
25.04.2018 by Mawsley
The American Food & Drug Administration has caved in to the coordinated anti-THR lies and fear campaign.
25.04.2018 by Mawsley
Research conducted by a team including Konstantinos Farsalinos clarifies the heavy metals in vape situation.
24.04.2018 by Mawsley
Queen’s Award for Innovation 2018 awarded to plane fire containment bags.
24.04.2018 by Mawsley
Philip Morris is under attack from health campaigners, shareholders and now politicians are upset with its advertising too.
23.04.2018 by Mawsley
The Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids appears to be addicted to tweeting about Juuling.
17.04.2018 by Mawsley
Welsh AM receives an award yet the principality still labours with a tobacco problem.
16.04.2018 by Mawsley
The Advocate General has released his opinion on the NNA Snus case and it’s ridiculous.
13.04.2018 by Mawsley