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Fantasi Ice Remix 50/50 Shortfills by Vapoholic

Vapoholic sent over a selection of their impressive Fantasi Ice Remix shortfills in for review. It's a tough job but....oh who am I kidding!

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It is time once again to look at another great selection of e-liquids from our friends at Vapoholic. It is becoming a real highlight of my month when they send over a box of delights to review as I never know what is coming, and I do love surprises!

I opened this month’s box and was instantly hit with a strong fruity smell bursting with tropical temptation, it really got my senses tingling, and that was before I’d even seen the contents. An extra mention must be given to whoever packs the boxes. They take extra time to arrange the nic shots into a really satisfying interlocking pattern which never fails to make me smile. I know I am easily pleased, but this little touch always makes me strangely happy.

On to the actual contents, my March mystery box contained a selection of four Fantasi Ice Remix flavours along with enough nicshots to make them up to 6mg. It is a scary four years since I last reviewed any of the extensive Fantasi range, seriously where is the time going, so I was interested to see how the series has evolved, and boy was I in for a treat.

As with all e-liquids from Vapoholic, the Fantasi Ice Remix juices are designed to taste exactly the same across the strength options so whether you chose 0mg or 6mg, you will be getting the same great flavour across the board. They also all come with the unique easy filling system for adding your nicshots, just remove both lids, fit the nic shot nozzle over the shortfill one and squeeze the contents in. You can also buy the same flavours in 70VG/30PG for subohming or in 10ml nic salts varieties, but I was sent the 50VG/50PG variant which is more suitable for mouth to lung vaping. It took me a while to get into pod kits, but I have become a huge fan as they offer great flavour and convenience and are very MTL friendly, and these juices are a really great match.

Fantasi Ice Remix 50/50 Shortfills by Vapoholic perfect for pods

Tropical X Thunder Ice

“Mother Nature’s most exquisite fruit presents the Fantasi Tropical X Thunder Ice, creating a uniquely tropical sensation for every vaper to enjoy”

We are kicking things off with an award winning flavour, the Tropical X Thunder took the best fruit flavour at Vaping Expo Italy 2023, and that should be a pretty good sign of the quality here as the Italians know a thing or two about great flavour. It is probably the mellowest of the four flavours here, sweet and quite fragrant, but still very fruity. Mango is the strong base that the flavour is built on, but there is also a fairly tame pineapple, a dash of smooth papaya, and a hint of kiwi, all perfectly blended so none of the flavours is stronger than any of the others. It is an easy vape with a surprising depth is used with the right vape kit. There is a slight cooling, but it is a flavour enhancer rather than a deep freeze.

Fantasi Ice Remix 50/50 Shortfills by Vapoholic Tropical X Thunder Ice

Blueberry X Honeydew

“A perfectly distinctive flavour combination, our Fantasi Blueberry X Honeydew vape liquid features pleasant notes of sweet, slightly tarty blueberries that are balanced with the exquisite scents of honeydew melon and an ice-cooling aftertaste”

This one has the weakest smell of the four so I was expecting a more reserved flavour…wrong! The melon is clean and refreshing, and also most definitely a honeydew melon rather that a generic melon flavour. I do like my fruits to taste realistic, and this melon is a great example. It also really benefits from being paired with blueberry which adds a heavier weight to the flavour without making it rich which would not suit this e-liquid. The ice is more pronounced this time which suits the refreshing melon nicely. It still won’t take your breath away, but you will definitely feel it more.

Fantasi Ice Remix 50/50 Shortfills by Vapoholic Blueberry X Honeydew

Blue Raspberry X Cherry

“Our Blue Raspberry and Cherry vape juices carry greater taste than most other e-liquids when it comes to flavour! So we made the decision to raise the bar even higher by mixing them to make something even more delicious!”

Before you have even taken your first vape, you can tell this is going to be rich just from the smell, and the taste backs this up. This is a rich, dark cherry with nothing artificial lurking to mess things up. Cherry has always been one of my favourite flavours, it was the first flavour I ever vaped, and I am always on the lookout for great cherry vapes, this is another one to add to my list. I am not such a big fan of blue raspberry, but it works here as it spices things up and adds another dimension of sweetness. It is very lightly iced this time, hardly noticeable as it blends in well.

Fantasi Ice Remix 50/50 Shortfills by Vapoholic Blue Raspberry X Cherry

Fruit X Twist

“Orange, peach, apple, passion fruit – if you like fruit then you’ll just love our Fantasi Fruit X Twist which features many of nature’s finest creations!”

Normally I just work my way through in the order e-liquids appear on the website as it makes things easier for me to keep organised, but this time I have saved the best till last, and this one is an exceptionally good e-liquid. This was where the smell in the box was coming from, it smells incredible, and that is nothing compared to the flavour. It isn’t for the fainthearted though, it is a massive flavour on every level. Peach can be a funny flavour and it is often poorly matched, but the way it works here with the passion fruit is just so good. Backing up these two strong flavours is the orange which gives it more bite, and apple for a crisp sweet finisher. It has that slightly stronger cooling again which adds another awesome dimension. The sign of a truly top quality e-liquid is that it not only has great flavour, but also has its own signature texture, and this has a feel all of its own. It has instantly gone into my all-time favourite e-liquids, it is just superb.

Fantasi Ice Remix 50/50 Shortfills by Vapoholic Fruit X Twist

Final Thoughts

Vapoholic have done it again, superb flavours that show very high levels of flavour mastery. Fruits vapes can be simply and most of the time they should be unless you possess a real talent for flavour blending which the mixers at Vapoholic have by the truck load. Every month they seem to come up with a new way to surprise me, and they are really pushing the bounds of what can be reproduced in an e-liquid.

If the Fantasi Ice Remix shortfills sound like something you’d like to try, you can go direct to Vapoholic where you can pick these up for ridiculous price of £9.99 a bottle if you choose the 6mg freebase option (if you’d rather add nic salts instead, it will be £10.99 per bottle). It blows my mind that you can get this kind of quality for bargain basement prices, it really is insane!

Many thanks to Vapoholic for sending the Fantasi Ice Remix shortfills in for review.

Fantasi Ice Remix 50/50 Shortfills by Vapoholic

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