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INNOKIN Launch New Year's Wish 2024 Event

Lucky INNOKIN customers will have their wishes granted to celebrate the New Year

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Lucky INNOKIN customers will have their wishes granted to celebrate the New Year

Leading vape brand Innokin has announced the latest edition of its “New Year's Wish” event. Starting from last year, Innokin customers were encouraged to share their wishes and desires for the new year via social media, and some were granted with a special “wish fund”.

The aim of the Innokin New Year's Wish 2024 campaign is to spread happiness and hope at the start of the year, and encourage conversations about gratitude, self-improvement and positivity. Last year's campaign saw one winner wish for the perfect smile. Innokin granted this wish, funding the customer's dental braces procedure at the start of 2023.

Now, Innokin is launching “New Year's Wish 2024” which aims to be bigger and better than the previous instalment. Starting from January 1st, 2024, The Innokin website and Innokin's social media channels will provide an evolving range of activities that allow Innokin customers to get involved.

The 2024 campaign will grant a total of six wishes globally. To submit a wish, Innokin customers need to purchase any designated products, including: Klypse (New Colours), Klypse Mecha, KLYPSE white + CoolFireZ60 white Christmas set, EZ Tube, and Innobar CLK!.

In addition, Innokin's official website and social media platforms will also announce “side missions” that allow followers to win additional prizes.

Innokin New Year's Wish 2024

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