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Flumlite Snugg Disposable Kit

Vape Club sent us another great alternative to single use vapes with the Flumlite Snugg kit

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Vape Club have been keeping us busy with some great alternatives to traditional disposable vapes, and this time we are looking at the Flumlite Snugg rechargeable disposable which could be a friendly stepping stone to bridge the gap between single use vapes and pod kits. It also has one of the most satisfying to say names, especially if you pretend you are Rowan Atkinson….wibble….Bob….Flumlite…..ok I’m just being a bit weird now and I promise I’ll stop, I just love the way some words feel when you say them, and Flumlite hits that spot.

Unboxing and the Basics

The Flumlite Snugg is a very simple kit, and this becomes apparent during the unboxing, You get a regular cardboard box with a nice picture of the Snugg on the front in your chosen colour (Rose Gold, Titanium, Black or Blue), and it is quite reminiscent of disposable boxes. I was actually quite surprised when I opened it and it came in a blown plastic tray, I was expecting it to come in a tear open packet. Underneath the tray, you’ll find the instructions and a functional USB-C cable, a nice bonus especially at this price point.

  • Size: 10cm x 2.3cm x 1.8cm
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil Type: Mesh

In Use

The Flumlite Snugg is about as simple as it gets and has been designed to be a great step up from disposables as it offers all the convenience without any complications like having to understand coils or ohm’s law. Everything is integrated and all you need to do is fill it up and make sure it has charge. 

The pods are built into the device so it is an all in one unit, and the fill port is found on the side under a rubber flap. It is only a single hole, but it is quite roomy so airlocks shouldn’t be an issue. The pod holds the standard legal limit of 2ml, so fill it up and let it sit for a few minutes to really soak in to the wicking material. The pods are very clear, and it is easy to see you e-liquid levels, and you can also get a good look at the wicking holes which are really pretty big, especially as this is a mouth to lung kit, these are closer to subohm sized.

On the base, you will find the charging port and a small button which is the on/off switch. To turn the Flumlite Snugg on and off, you need to press the button down for about five seconds. It did throw me at first as I am so used to the five presses on, or at least three presses, and I thought I had a dud until I fished out the instructions. Once I held the button down, things sprung into life.

It isn’t completely without tech enhancements though, there is a screen on the front. Now my camera point blank refuses to capture screens so you’ll have to do with a description, not that it is complicated. The screen just shows how much battery you have left in real terms. It is a nice, clear readout and shows the precent you have left. There is also a light in the base which intensifies as you take a puff, not particularly useful, but it looks quite smart.

As for the rest of the kit, there isn’t much to say. It is comfortable to hold with its smoothly rounded edges, the dimensions are just right too, not too big, and not too small, and it feels like a well-made device. The mouthpiece is a little bigger than I personally like for mtl, but it isn’t offence and that is a purely personal thing.

The battery life is great, it has 1200mAh to play with and because it doesn’t have loads of settings to play with, it is also pretty energy efficient. My first 2ml tank load used 66% of the battery so you should get roughly three refills before you need to charge things up. Charging is pretty quick too so downtime is kept to a minimum, but I would definite recommend picking these up two at a time so you always have a spare and you always have charge. 

The Flumlite Snugg is an auto fire device meaning there are no fire buttons, you just puff and it automatically works. It was very consistent, and I had no trouble getting a full hit every time.

Now finally we get to the flavour and performance, and I have to say I was impressed on both counts here. I really wasn’t expecting anything more than a decent, serviceable vape, but the flavour was full and intense, punching way above what a kit like this should have been able to do. Now those huge wicking ports made sense as the flavour was so thick and saturated. The warmth was pleasant too, warmer than disposables but not a hot vape. I loaded up with some Baa Juice Strawberry Cherry and Raspberry, and also filled up my current weapon of choice, the Vaporesso Xros Pro so I could compare. Now the Xros has a bit more detail and was a little more dimensional, but the Flumlite Snugg wasn’t that far behind with just as much flavour, just without quite as much definition. The Xros Pro is my current favourite thanks to the incredible flavour, so I was really surprised that the Flumlite Snugg wasn’t that far behind.

Final Thoughts

The Flumlite Snugg was a surprise hit, which was capable of a far better vape than I was expecting from a super cheap kit.  If I was going out and didn’t want to take anything special in case it got lost, I’d absolutely be happy to stick a Snugg in my pocket.

If you are coming from disposables, it is an ideal stepping stone so you can get used to filling up your choice of e-liquid and charging without any other clutter. The flavour is even better than you get with single use vapes, and it will give you a taste of what vaping can really be about.

The only thing I don’t like is that once things start to taste a bit off, it is time to throw out the whole kit. It would be much better if you could buy replacement pods rather than having to dispose of the complete device, but that isn’t really the aim of the Flumlite Snugg. Maybe they will do a slightly more advanced version at a later date, giving users a clear upgrade path. Thankfully the coils seem to last well so you should get plenty of refills before you get to that point.

Now the best bit of all, the price. I really do think the Flumlite Snugg is a crazy bargain. Vape Club sell the complete kit along with a free bottle of Flumlite nic salts for £7.99. To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent of five disposables. The cheapest deal on disposables currently in stock would be 3 for £10, so you are getting nearly double the amount for even less cash. I can’t vouch for the Flumlite Nic Salts as I haven't personally tried them, but you also have the added bonus of being able to use whatever flavours or brands of e-liquid you personally like. 

Many thanks to Vape Club for sending in the Flumlite Snugg

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