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Longfills as an Alternative to Disposables

The disposable vape ban will impact many people, but there’s no reason to be concerned… Grab yourself a pod kit and a Longfill and you’ll be back to vaping the way you want to, just in a cheaper, more environmentally friendly and legal way.

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you’ll have heard that the UK government plans to ban single use (disposable) vapes within the next year. Considering the noise coming from government sources before the news was announced, this wasn’t a surprise.

Their reasoning behind this decision is two-fold: Firstly, there’s the environmental impact. I’m sure we’ve all seen disposable vapes and their packaging littering UK streets. Also, for the legislative process, currently legislation can be amended to include single use vapes. The second (and most pressing) reason for the ban is the impact on children. Vaping levels among under 18s in the UK have skyrocketed in the past two years, coinciding with the popularity of disposable vapes.

The other significant announcement for vapers and the vaping industry was the plan to give the government powers to restrict flavours, packing and point of sale. But this will only come after another consultation, and just because they may have the power, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll use it. We won’t know the outcome of this for a while yet, so we’re not going to speculate.

So, if you use disposable vapes, you’re going to need an alternative, and that’s where Longfills come in…

The Longfill concept has been around in the EU for some time where DIY e liquid is the norm, and we may see it become more normalised in the UK too.

What is a Longfill?

*A Longfill is usually a 60ml bottle containing either 20 or 30ml of flavouring.

*The empty space allows user to top the bottle up with nicotine shots to make a higher nicotine strength than would be possible with a standard shortfill.

*Using a combination of nicotine shots and VG/PG, Longfills can be made to have a nicotine strength anywhere between 6mg and 14mg.

The distinction between Longfills and Shortfills is an important one. Shortfills are generally used by sub ohm vapers at low or zero nicotine. Whereas Longfills are tailored to the MTL (mouth to lung) crowd.

The popularity of disposables has seen UK vaping move away from larger tanks and mods onto smaller pod systems. Popular pod systems from the likes of Oxva, Vaporesso and Uwell use mesh coils and offer a similar vape to what you’d get from a disposable. A Longfill paired with one of these types of vape kits can offer a vape quality identical to an ElfBar or LostMary, but at a much lower cost and, crucially, allow you to stay within the law.

But why would you use a Longfill over 10ml e liquid?

*Cost savings - Most vape shops will sell you 3 x 10ml e liquid bottles for around 10 pounds. Whereas that same 10 pounds will get you twice as much e liquid in the Longfill format.

*Larger bottles - You won’t be running out if you’ve got 60ml available.

*Pocket friendly - 60ml bottles are generally a good size for your pocket or bag.

*Flavour choice - There are many more flavours available in Longfill than there are in disposables.

Currently, ELFC offers the largest range of Longfills in the UK with over 400 different ones to choose from. Also, major brands are seeing the value in the concept with the likes of Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice, DarkStar, ZAP! Juice and many others having their flavours available in 60ml Longfills on their website.

This wide range of flavour choices includes many of the favourites synonymous with popular disposable vape brands such as Blue Razz Lemonade, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy and Strawberry Banana Ice. So there is no reason to give up your favourite flavours.

In conclusion, the disposable vape ban will impact many people, but there’s no reason to be concerned… Grab yourself a pod kit and a Longfill and you’ll be back to vaping the way you want to. Just in a cheaper, more environmentally friendly and legal way.

ELFC Longfill range

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