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Pinoy government pledges to use nicotine detectors in its war on smoking and vaping.
23.06.2017 by Mawsley
Boston University academic explains the smoking challenge in China
22.06.2017 by Mawsley
Politician in Australia ponders why her government is leaving them lagging behind the rest of the world.
21.06.2017 by Mawsley
Down in the mouth doctor claims to find link between mouth ulcers and vaping
21.06.2017 by Mawsley
The real cost of opposing vaping is the deaths of smokers denied an alternative, claims Siegel.
19.06.2017 by Mawsley
Big Tobacco hopes to ride the coat tails of vaping to shoehorn in a new product.
19.06.2017 by Mawsley
Second-hand vape, Big T luring children to smoking and flavours increasing nicotine addiction are this week’s whoppers.
16.06.2017 by Mawsley
Two pro-harm reductionists challenge eleven Democrat senators over vape lies.
15.06.2017 by Mawsley
According to legal sources, business is booming for those with manufacturing and vaping clients.
15.06.2017 by Mawsley
Pro-vape experts appeal to the EU to correct the law banning snus sale and use.
14.06.2017 by Mawsley
A nine-year old schoolgirl was rushed to hospital after drinking e-liquid
13.06.2017 by Mawsley
A Huffpost article sets a new low in poor coverage for electronic cigarettes.
12.06.2017 by Mawsley
Fresh (but old) claims that vaping is the tobacco industry targeting children.
09.06.2017 by Mawsley
European Commission’s 2017 Eurobarometer update is out and indicates a failing approach to tobacco harm reduction.
08.06.2017 by Mawsley
On one hand, ecigs are presented as tools of danger, while on the other they’re seen as devices to reduce harm.
08.06.2017 by Mawsley
Dentists in Northern Ireland remain cautious about patients vaping.
07.06.2017 by Mawsley
Repeated guff comes out from the Californian medicine and academic communities.
06.06.2017 by Mawsley
A researcher in Ireland plans on duplicating other British ecig studies.
01.06.2017 by Mawsley
University of California academic coordinates another attack on vaping.
01.06.2017 by Mawsley
Presentations at a conference claim there is a link between ecig vapour and bladder cancer.
31.05.2017 by Mawsley