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Recent vape-related news in the local and national media.
21.04.2017 by Mawsley
Researchers carry out a comprehensive study looking at previous vape research.
20.04.2017 by Mawsley
The Heartland Institute argues that flavour bans are misguided.
19.04.2017 by Mawsley
Snus is playing a key role in getting all Swedish male smokers to quit. Could Brexit help UK smokers do the same?
18.04.2017 by Mawsley
The residents of Corby are bucking the national quit smoking trend.
18.04.2017 by Mawsley
The Royal Society of Public Health seeks to raise its profile by slamming ecig retailers.
17.04.2017 by Mawsley
Michael Siegel takes aim and fires at those he accuses of lying about electronic cigarettes.
15.04.2017 by Mawsley
Experts explain how excessive regulation will kill off vape market innovation.
15.04.2017 by Mawsley
The USA is pushing unjustified taxes onto the vaping community.
13.04.2017 by Mawsley
Countries in the Far East fear that companies run by foreigners are targeting their youth.
13.04.2017 by Mawsley