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Is it possible to debunk the outlandish attacks on vaping?
22.02.2017 by Mawsley
American media loses the plot over baseless dripper scare story.
22.02.2017 by Mawsley
European bureaucrat declares vaping uncool and ignores British success.
21.02.2017 by Mawsley
Vape-related accidents feed calls from anti-vape activists to clamp down on ecigs.
20.02.2017 by Mawsley
Clive Bates offers up 8 anti-smoking strategies to spark a shift in American tobacco policy.
17.02.2017 by Mawsley
Californian academics claim vaping increases cardio-vascular disease, the same as smoking.
16.02.2017 by Mawsley
World-renowned scientist believes vaping leads to smoking
15.02.2017 by Mawsley
What is happening Stateside while Britain is embracing harm reduction?
14.02.2017 by Mawsley
Electronic cigarette bans are being shamefully rushed in across the world.
13.02.2017 by Mawsley
Leading figures in the vape community are calling for vapers to contribute to the EU’s survey on imposing a tax on vaping.
13.02.2017 by Mawsley