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Riot Bar EDTN Salts

Vape Club bring the in the big guns with the latest flavours from the Riot Bar EDTN Salts range

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Vape Club know how much we love big flavour here at Potv, after all most of us already know just how important a part the wonderful taste of e-liquid plays in staying smoke free. So, when they offered to send over the latest selection of Riot Bar EDTN nic salts for review, we jumped at it. 

Riot always know how to bring the flavour to the party; they are the masters of intense tastes whilst keeping their recipes interesting and unique enough to really stand out. As the name here suggests, this particular range has been designed to be a direct replacement for disposable vapes, pair them with a pod kit running mtl style coils and you’ll be giving single use devices the heave ho in no time. Not only is this a much more sustainable way of vaping, but it is also much more cost effective which can only be a good thing when we are all watching the pennies.

Riot are also brilliant at making their products stand out, and these 10ml bottles are a prime example of that with their distinct bullet style caps. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of the design, but it certainly does send a strong message to the traditional tobacco industry, Riot are coming for them, all guns blazing! It also helps that you can’t miss them on the shelf, it is some great marketing.

More interesting to me is the contents of their e-liquids, and the Riot Bar EDTN are particularly intriguing. Most salts and mtl vape juices these days are 50VG/50PG which gives a balance between flavour and clouds, but these are a more unusual 60PG/40VG. I’m not going to go into a big science lesson, but basically these are the two main base components of all e-liquid, VG is thicker, sweeter tasting, and provides luscious clouds, and PG is thinner, flavourless, and carries the flavour better. These e-liquids have been formulated to provide the maximum amounts of flavour, but they still manage surprisingly good amounts of fog. It is a clever ratio and one you don’t see very often.

Another thing I really love about Riot is that they offer a good variety of strengths for their nic salts. So many brands offer 20mg as standard and if you are lucky, they might also have 10mg. Riot also do 5mg. This may not seem like an important detail, but lots of us start with high strength and slowly decrease this over time. Personally, I usually vape 6mg, but I started much higher and slowly reduced this as I felt comfortable, finally settling where I am now. The vast majority of us switched to vaping to quit smoking so having a clear path to cutting back our nicotine intake can only be a good thing. 

The Flavours

The Riot Bar EDTN range is huge, with 35 flavours currently available. The majority of these are fruity flavours, but there is also some mint and desert style so most people will find something they like. I was sent five of the latest additions for this review.

Cherry & Berry

Cherry & Berry nic salt e-liquid by Riot Squad Bar Edition layers the sweetness of blueberry with the slight tang of cherry, even tangier raspberry and sharp cranberry notes”

I’m not sure why they lead with cherry in the name as this is very much a blend of several berries that just happens to include cherry. It is a rich blend with blueberry and cherry laying down a heavy base for the sharper raspberry and cranberry to bounce off. It is very sweet, as all of the Bar EDTN juices are, but the tangier fruits really cut through well. I love these heavier flavours, they have a certain decadence to them which really works for my tastes, so this was right up my alley. There is also a slight iced effect which is a nice addition as it lightens what could be a very heavy flavour.

Peach XL

Peach XL nic salt e-liquid by Riot Squad Bar Edition keeps it simple while remaining punchy, delivering the sweet and juicy taste of peach from start to finish”

I have mixed opinions on peach juices as so many are just a thick, sugary mess, but Peach XL gets the balance right. It is still thick, and it is still very sweet, but in all the right ways, and it avoids the pitfalls of becoming a candy pastiche of the flavour. It is really juicy but also has that distinctly fuzzy taste that makes it great. Whilst it is still simply peach, Riot have still managed to keep it interesting.

Smashed Apple Pie

Smashed Apple Pie nic salt e-liquid by Riot Squad Bar Edition authentically captures a timeless dessert flavour, complementing crisp apple notes with buttery pastry”

This is one of the true dessert flavours in the range, and boy is it good. The apple filling is superb, it has a proper stewed/baked flavour and is really juicy. It is a really authentic cooked apple taste; it is so well done. If that wasn’t good enough, there is a fabulous pie crust, which adds a buttery texture, and even finishes with a dusting of caramelised brown sugar. The only thing missing is a scoop of vanilla icecream. Can you tell that I really like this juice?

Strawberry Kiwi

"Strawberry Kiwi nic salt e-liquid by Riot Squad Bar Edition is a fruity flavour that balances sweet strawberry and tart kiwi notes with every puff” 

This one was not what I expected, it leads more with the tart kiwi which is almost sour and is a complete contrast to the strawberry which adds a sweeter finishing layer. For me, they are just a little too opposing, and there isn’t much that glues it together, but it is also a bit more unusual, so it gains some points for that. The strawberry also leaves a pleasant aftertaste which really is the saving grace of this blend.

Strawberry Pina Colada

Strawberry Pina Colada nic salt e-liquid by Riot Squad Bar adds extra sweetness to a classic cocktail flavour by combining juicy strawberry with tangy pineapple and rich coconut notes. From inhale to exhale, the blend is chilled by a frosty layer of ice”

This one is going to split opinions as coconut is one of the great marmite flavours out there. If you don’t like coconut, then you should probably skip this as it’s not going to change your mind. Personally, I love it, especially in vape form, I can’t get enough of the sweet, exotic, creaminess, so I was in heaven. There is a lot going on here too, it is one of the more complex flavours. Along with the coconut, you get a fine balance of zingy pineapple and sweet strawberry, two flavours which I think go really well together. All of this is finished with a light iced effect which unifies it superbly. It is tied with the crushed apple pie for my favourites in this selection.

Final Thoughts

I love Riot, they really understand how to make great vape recipes. They are big and bold, and never hold back but still taste well-crafted, and they have a great understanding of how different flavours interact with each other. They are also incredibly sweet which some may see as a negative, but I have a massive sweet tooth so this is not a problem here. If you like flavours that aren’t shy, or you are moving away from disposable vapes, you can’t really go wrong with anything from Riot, load up your favourite pod kit and you’ll be well rewarded with the Riot Bar EDTN salts.

If you would like to give these a try or would like to see the rest of the range, you can check the Riot Bar EDTN over at Vape Club. They are a very reasonable £3.49 for 10ml, but smart shoppers will want to check out the 5 for £10 deal to get maximum bang for your bucks.

Many thanks to Vape Club for sending in the Riot Bar EDTN Salts range for review.

  • Big flavour
  • Great alternative to disposables
  • Competitive price
  • Extensive range
  • Very sweet, which may not be for everyone
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