Medical Disclaimer

The content on Planet of the Vapes is intended to help people understand more about vaping.  The aim of the site is to help individuals who were or are smokers to switch over to vaping if they are unable to successfully give up smoking.

All of the site contributors who write reviews, news and guides for the site are ex-smokers who have made the switch completely or have cut down their cigarette consumption levels with the help of vaping.  We are all supporters of what we feel is the single-most effective harm reduction tool that has been available to smokers and has the potential to greatly reduce the number of cigarette related illnesses and deaths across the world.

We cover news and reviews to provide information to our readers regarding legislation, medical studies and safety information to help them understand the benefits and risks involved in vaping so that they can make informed decisions on the choices they make.

Planet of the Vapes has been online since 2012 and we have followed the growth of the vaping industry, have read and shared many of the reports and studies that have been conducted and have formed our point of view regarding vaping as a harm reduction strategy through the logical and unbiased information that has been presented.  We fully understand that not all press coverage of vaping has been positive, a large amount of this information can be traced back to substandard journalism or substandard scientific methodologies or interpretation of results that have led to many unfounded or untrue stories being reported in the main stream media. 

There are many sources of information that support our view - that vaping is by far safer than smoking – and we will continue to champion the cause of harm reduction until we see evidence to the contrary.  The biggest indication that vaping is far less harmful than smoking was the report from Public Health England (PHE) published in August 2015 which stated that vaping was likely to be around 95% safer than smoking, you can read this report here -  

When this report was published PHE was asked to complete a yearly update on the report, the 2018 update can be read here and the 2019 update here.  These reports still back their initial report in terms of the reduced harm that vaping offers smokers and the 2019 publication also helps to dispel some of the reports from the USA regarding vaping being a route into smoking for youth, there is no evidence for this at all as smoking rates in youth continues to decline steadily in the UK.

We firmly believe that the best thing that anybody can do is to not smoke or vape at all, but we also recognise that many smokers want to quit and the usual routes to cessation do not always result in success.  Where this is the case we know, from personal experience and from the evidence of studies, that vaping is a very effective method for stopping cessation and the aim of our site is to help those looking to know more about the subject.  We know that vaping is effective and that our site has helped many people with the move from smoking to vaping – you can read some of forum members’ personal stories about their experiences with vaping in our news section and on our forum.

There is a lot of attention being paid to vaping and there are still many studies being conducted. Some people have been using vape products for many years now and this will bring more information to light about the effects of using these products long term.  We will continue to report new information and findings to our readers to ensure they make the best choices that they can to benefit their health.

Nicotine is an addictive substance, and while vaping is less harmful than smoking by a very large margin, we do not believe that non-smokers should start vaping.  Our site is not a recommendation to start vaping apart from as a harm reduction strategy for existing smokers and the content on our site is intended for this audience only.