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Innokin Trine

Innokin go the extra mile for a greener future with the release of the Trine pod kit, and we got to try it out

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Innokin have always been champions of sustainable vaping, you just have to look at their superb fully recyclable packaging to know that they take this very seriously indeed. But with the launch of the new Trine pod kit, they have taken the next step forward and have delivered a genuinely innovative new feature to their latest hardware which has the potential to push greener vaping even further to the forefront and will mean that there is absolutely no excuse for not recycling.

Innokin Trine box

Unboxing and First Impressions

As always, the Trine comes in the Innokin packaging which is fully recyclable and has no plastics whatsoever so every last bit can be easily recycled in your household green bin. Whilst Innokin have been using this system for a while now, I never get bored of seeing it as I really hate all the unnecessary waste we all make every day. It is such a simple thing but if more companies switched to this kind of packaging, think of what a difference it could make. Not only is it a much more ethical, but it is also so easy to open and access the good stuff inside. I can’t tell you how much I hate wrestling with plastic wraps and breaking seals, yeah I admit I am lazy and impatient sometimes and when I get something new, I just want to get straight in without having to fight with over complicated packaging.

Innokin Trine unboxing

Once you have broken the paper seal and opened the box, you get to see the Trine with a fitted pod on the first layer, and under that are the extra pod, the USB-C charging cable, and the paperwork in the base of the box. It always makes me happy to get an extra pod as you never know if you may be unlucky with getting a dead coil, and Innokin have done the sensible thing by packaging in a two different pods, a 0.6ohm and a 0.8ohm pod, so you get to try two different styles to see which suits your taste better. There is also an optional 1.2ohm pod available separately, and Innokin also sent one of those over so we could try every option.

Innokin Trine contents


  • Dimensions: 110.93 x 25.86 x 15.57 mm.
  • Battery model/type: B1000/IN112038-001
  • Battery: Type-C USB Rechargeable Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Power output: 6-25W
  • Output voltage: 2.0-4.35V
  • Charging current: DC 5.0V/1A
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

There are also six colour options, purple/blue, gold/pink, ivory white, solor red, klien blue, and slate black. All of the colourways look great, the two tone ones are a lot less tacky than they look online, and the single colours have a really solid depth too.

Innokin Trine juiced

In Use

The Trine is a pretty basic pod kit which will be instantly usable by everyone, there is nothing new or complicated going on here. Fill your pod and pop it on, and the Trine will set the best settings for it, giving you a great vape without having to do anything. You can adjust the power by clicking the fire button twice and then pressing it again to change things in 0.5ohm increments, but the defaults are pretty much spot on and should suit most people.

The Trine can be used either as an auto draw kit (vape and go), or you can use the fire button. This will be purely down to your own preference. For me, I tend to use pod kits in auto draw mode, and it works pretty well here, although a couple of times needed a bit more of a robust inhale. This is probably more down to my lazy vaping than the hardware. The draw is quite tight, so you do need a fairly assertive pull anyway.

Innokin Trine top and bottom

There is an airflow slider on the side, fully open will give an airy mouth to lung hit, and shut right down can be a very restricted, cheek puller of a hit. I found somewhere in the middle gave the best balance of resistance, heat, and flavour. The slider is a little loose and a couple of times it moved whilst it was in my pocket, no hardship but it is something to watch out for.

Charging the 1000mAh battery is done via USB-C and the port is on the side so you can keep your kit standing up when it is plugged in. You can see how much charge you have left on the go as the fire button has an LED which lights up green above 30%, yellow between 10%-30%, and red for 10% and under. As well as this, the main display also has a battery bar for a more precise gauge.

The screen is small and basic, showing battery level, power rating, and the selected pod. It also records your puff time, and this will flash on the screen as you vape. It is simple, but it tells you all you need to know.

Innokin Trine screen

My only complaint is that there is no way to lock the fire button so it turns into a straight auto draw kit. A couple of times when stashed in my coat top pocket, I’d hear the distinctive hiss of it firing when the material pulled tight enough to trigger the button. I know I should just click the button three times to turn it off, but I like to be able to pull it out for a couple of puffs here and there, and the time to boot it up is just a few more seconds that I could be vaping. It either needs a lock or the button could have been a little firmer to engage.

The Pods

The Trine is compatible with the Innokin VCAP pods which come in 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, and 1.2ohm, and they are colour coded so you can easily see which you are using. The 0.6ohm is the warmest vape and also the fullest flavoured, but it will use a bit more power. It tasted great, but for this style device, I think it is a bit overkill. The 0.8ohm is a better match, slightly cooler with only slightly less intensity but will be well suited to a larger variety of e-liquids. If you like bar salts and disposable type juices, this one should be your pick. Finally there is the 1.2ohm pod, a pure MTL option. Once broken in, it still delivered great flavour and will squeeze out the most from your battery. Again, this will be a personal choice, but I preferred the 0.8ohm pod as it is the best of all worlds giving a good balance of power, battery life and flavour.

Innokin Trine VCAP pods

Filling is a clean and easy affair, simply flip off the mouthpiece to access the top fill port and squeeze your e-liquid straight in. The pods are also leakproof thanks to the generous seals in the base which double up as the colour coding.

Innokin Trine filling

The Innovation

So we have covered the basic day to day stuff now, it is a great kit which performs very well, but there is one completely unique feature I haven’t talked about yet, the battery. Usually with pod kits, whilst they are rechargeable, it isn’t an infinite thing and sooner or later, your battery is going to drop in efficiency, and eventually the it will die completely which means that you have to chuck out the whole kit which, whilst being far better than single use disposables, is still very wasteful. But the Innokin Trine has a removable battery. At the base of the device, there are two push tabs which you squeeze, and this will release the 1000mAh battery.

Innokin Trine battery removed

So when you start to notice you aren’t getting the same level of performance, you can just buy a fresh new battery and swap it out. As yet, I can’t see any in stock anywhere here in the UK, but they are showing as coming soon and the prices a varying, but even the most expensive list price is considerably cheaper than buying a new kit. It also means that in theory, your Trine should last for many years to come. I don’t know about you, but I get very attached to my favourite vapes so this is genuinely a massive deal and I hope to see it becoming a standard feature in future for other kits that overwise would be non-user serviceable.

Innokin Trine three parts

Final Thoughts

On its own, the Trine is a very capable, simple pod kit which does everything right. It is very easy to use, looks and feels good, and delivers a great vape. But the real magic is the replacable battery which feels like a huge step forward when it comes to ethical, sustainable vaping. “Game changer” is a phrase that gets thrown out far too often, but in this case, I think it deserves that description.


  • Easy to use
  • Solid build quality
  • Mess free pods
  • Great flavour
  • Green packaging


  • Fire button is very sensitive

9.5/10 – A huge leap forward for sustainable vaping.

Many thanks for Innokin for sending the Trine in for review.

Innokin Trine handcheck

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