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SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit

The SKE Crystal 4in1 pod kit is a clear winner, read on to see why

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With the scramble to bring out more sustainable versions of disposable type vapes, we’ve seen some pretty interesting alternatives. My favourite disposable-likes have been the multi flavour types where you get replaceable prefilled pods to give you the option of carrying around four different varieties on the go as flavour really is the key to the success of vaping as a viable alternative to smoking, and I love to mix things up. So far, they have all taken the same form, a giant cylinder which would look very suspicious if you try to carry it in your jeans pocket. They are very functional but have zero style to them. Enter SKE with their new Crystal 4in1 pod kit which offers the same ease of use but with a certain amount of flair to the design.

Our friends at TECC sent over the SKE Crystal 4in1 Blue Edition along with a pack of refills for us to check out. This consists of the device which comes in a crystal clear case with a dusky blue highlights, and has mostly blue themed flavours. It is also available in Green, White, Rose, and Ultimate, each with their own colour coding and flavour curation. If you like a particular colour, and who doesn’t like to colour coordinate, you can buy the kit and then choose the refills that you’d prefer, for example the refill pack I was sent was the Ultimate version, so you really can mix and match.

Unboxing and Specs

I won’t dwell too much on the unboxing as it is pretty much the same as every other disposable-like kit available, you get a box showing the device and the chosen flavour option, and inside you’ll find the device in a tear open packet and the individual flavour pods sealed in their own blown plastic, foil sealed packs. Although this is a rechargeable kit, you don’t get a cable, but it is just a standard USB-C so most people probably have loads of these kicking around anyway. If, for some reason, you don’t have any already, TECC sell them for a very reasonable price so make sure to stick one in your basket before you check out.

  • Battery Capacity – 950mAh 
  • Pod size – 4x2ml
  • Nicotine Strength – 20mg/2%
  • Puff Count – 2400
  • Coil Type – Mesh
  • Charging – USB-C

The Basics

Even before opening the kit, you can tell that SKE have gone for something a little different here as the Crystal 4in1 box is a lot shorter than other multi flavour pod kits, and once I had unwrapped everything, I was impressed by the shape, it is like a giant keyhole which is ergonomically pleasing to hold, even with my tiny hands. It is at the limit of what I can get my hands around, but mine are weirdly small so most people should have no issues here. Thanks to the rounded sides, even at this stretch, it is very comfortable to hold.

The other thing that immediately stands out when you first hold the kit is how light it is without it feeling flimsy. I think being stubbier helps as it feel really balanced and natural. Even after loading the pods, it still just feels right somehow. 

Not only does it feel good, but it also manages to look good too. SKE have already brought out various other Crystal disposables, and they all look a bit different with the see through design, it just makes them a bit more interesting. The pods go in the wider side of the device, and on the other side, you can see where the built in battery sits. I particularly like the base which made from metal. Initially I thought it was a metallic plastic as you can see it isn’t the highest quality, but I was swapping a pod on another kit and the magnets latched onto the SKE and stuck firm. I’m guessing it is maybe a cheap and cheerful stainless steel, but it whatever it is, it was a nice surprise to see and shows that this is a better quality kit than many of its competitors. There are also a couple of vent/airflow holes on the base along with the USB-C charging port.

Loading up the cartridges is a very simple job. The mouthpiece doubles up as the cap to the pod compartment, and you will see a picture of a lock and an unlocked symbol. Turn this to the unlock position and the cap comes off, then slide the pods into the sections in any order, and finally line the cap back up and turn it to the lock position. Everything fits together cleanly, so it is a frustration free process. 

Each pod has the flavour written on the outside edge so when you turn the barrel round, you can easily see which is which, and to choose the one you want to vape, you turn it until it lines up with the open slot on the outer edge. You can feel when it is in the right spot as it has a sort of soft click as it falls in place.

Now I do love the look and feel, and really appreciate the easy nature of the kit, but there is one thing I am not so keen on, it is a proper fingerprint magnet, and the plastic smudges and scratches quite easily. I like to chuck my kit in my coat pocket when I am out and about, and it wasn’t long before I started to notice light marks showing up. I tried to wipe them away and just ended up leaving smudges. Obviously this is not a high end kit, so it isn’t a problem, but it did detract from the clean looks.

The Flavours

The Blue Edition is one for the blueberry fans as it comes with Blueberry Raspberries, Blueberry Peach, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, and Cola Ice. I’m not sure how cola fits with the rest of them, but I like cola flavours so no complaints here.

I was also sent the Ultimate refills pack which consists of Lemon & Lime, Cherry Ice, Watermelon Ice, and Strawberry Burst. This is a good selection of disposable greatest hits which will be a bit of a crowd pleaser choice.

Blueberry Raspberries – This is a sweet but not sickly iced blueberry with a gentle jammy raspberry. The ice gives it quite a kick and you can feel it on your lips, but it is a pleasant sensation. The berries are well balanced, and it has a great juicy feel.

Blueberry Peach – The blueberry base is the same, but the peach makes it very different. It is quite a light peach and compliments the blueberry surprisingly well. I wasn’t expecting this to work as well as it does, but it is a really good pairing. Again, the ice is noticeable, but in a good way.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – I thought it was a bit strange having two blueberry raspberry flavours, but they are both different enough to make it work. I prefer this one, although it is close. This is still juicy, but the sour note gives it a twist which works for my tastes. 

Cola Ice – I’d say this is more like sugar free option, not that it isn’t sweet, but it has that slightly waterier, refreshing taste you get from a Zero. The ice is doing the heavy lifting here and is probably what makes it feel like a sugar free cola. I actually like the flavour, but just don’t expect a traditional style soda.

Lemon & Lime – This is sharp and zesty, very clean and refreshing. It isn’t as sweet as some I’ve tried, and it is all the better for it. Many go for a more candied flavour, where this one is a pure citrus blast.

Cherry Ice – This is the make or break for me, so I approached it with some trepidation. It is sweet and rich with no hints of anything chemical, the downfall of so many cherry flavours. It is more of a red cherry than a black cherry and this was absolutely the right call. It is also light enough to keep me coming back to it again and again.

Watermelon Ice – This is a fairly standard watermelon, retaining a good balance of refreshment and lightness. It leaves a lovely aftertaste with no bitter hints which you tend to get when too much flavour has been used. It is perfect for this set up.

Strawberry Burst – This is a real treat and was quite unexpected. It is very sweet and has a thick, jammy taste and feel with just a bit of ice to give it a lift where it needs it. It is one of the nicest strawberry disposable flavours I’ve had so far. It isn’t a fresh picked fruit, but I wouldn’t be upset to find this flavour in the middle of a doughnut!

Final Thoughts

 As I’ve already said, I love the concept of having different flavours that are easily swappable on the go all the time, so I really do like these types of kits. The SKE Crystal 4in1 takes things a step further by adding a real flair to the kit and it is great to see a company that cares about design as much as basic functionality. SKE have also shown that they make great flavours too, I enjoyed all of the ones we were sent and can find very little to complain about in that department. 

If you are looking for a sharp looking yet easy to use alternative to single use vapes, the SKE Crystal 4in1 is a very good option. You can pick it up from TECC for £11.99 for the base kit, and refill packs are just £7.99 which is great value for money. Don’t forget to pick up a charging cable too if you need one.

Many thanks to TECC for sending the SKE Crystal 4in1 pod kit for review

  • Great looks and design
  • Well balanced
  • Rechargeable
  • Budget Friendly
  • Different Design
  • Scratches fairly easily
  • Fingerprint magnet
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