Health & Studies

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World has released its Global State of Smoking Poll for 2019
19.03.2020 by Dave Cross
UEA researchers are evaluating a free ecig scheme in Great Yarmouth
16.03.2020 by Dave Cross
UK Electronic Cigarette Research Forum has released its latest Cancer Research UK-funded vape research briefing
13.03.2020 by Dave Cross
A new study looking at vaping during pregnancy and comparing it with non-smokers/vapers has been published in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
17.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Vaping may be helping disadvantaged members of society to quit smoking, according to a new study from University of Glasgow researchers
12.02.2020 by Dave Cross
New study demonstrates that vaping regular eliquids does not produce the chemical compounds linked to the outbreak of lung disease in the United States
27.01.2020 by Dave Cross
The UK Electronic Cigarette Research Forum casts its eye over a couple of recent studies and lists out others to note from the end of 2019
17.01.2020 by Dave Cross
University of California Riverside’s Prue ‘smoke don’t vape’ Talbot occupies her time by reading “a large online discussion forum for electronic cigarette users”
16.01.2020 by Dave Cross
A study from Georgia State University highlights the deadly impact of the USA fear agenda, as more adults than ever think vaping is as or more dangerous than smoking
20.12.2019 by Dave Cross
POTV signs off 2019 with a powerful study demonstrating that switching from smoking to vaping is a great move for the heart
20.12.2019 by Dave Cross