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The Conversation is home to staunch anti-ecig campaigners such as Simon Chapman. A team of three researchers from the University of Warwick have used it to discuss their findings where they explain “why e-cigarettes could be holding back your plans
22.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Alcohol in Ecigs Study: Yale scientists claim it impacts on motor skills, the press claims you will drive badly.
21.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Doctor Farsalinos releases a study looking at the impact of ecigs on blood pressure and heart rate with smoking cessation.
19.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Isn’t it time to shut the door to any mentions of an ecig gateway effect?
21.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Smokers wanting to leave tobacco face a range of options. How useful could vaping really be?
20.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Latest research from Harvard attempts to link the chemical loading of cigarettes to vaping.
24.06.2015 by Dave Cross
While California is still hung up on non-existent vaping take up rates in youth, the Reuters news agency has contributed its own research on trends.
23.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Does anybody pay attention to advertising? Can vaping ads really convince non-smokers to vape?
22.06.2015 by Dave Cross
A paper presented at the Global Forum for Nicotine contains some interesting information.
16.06.2015 by Dave Cross
A research paper looking at vaping from a dentist’s perspective is highly supportive.
15.06.2015 by Dave Cross