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Vaping has been linked to a cure for a chronic nasal infection in a non-smoker and stimulates discussion about the impact of vaping on respiratory infections
26.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Dr Sharon Cox at London South Bank University would like help with a piece of research and Dr. Abby Hunter would still like submissions for her work
26.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Thai experiments purporting to measure the particulate matter of vape have been mocked by harm reduction experts
19.02.2019 by Dave Cross
UCL Research says that vapers make great mates for smokers
19.12.2018 by Dave Cross
Recruiting male and female ex-smokers who now vape to participate in research on the health effects of e-cigarettes compared with smoking conventional cigarettes and not smoking at all.
27.06.2018 by Toby Kilroy
Scientists at British American Tobacco have compared the mutagenic potential of vapour compared to cigarette smoke with promising results.
07.11.2016 by Dave Junglist
Do electronic cigarettes pose a risk to third parties who do not vape?
10.05.2016 by Dave Cross
Study declares cherry flavours as harmful to the respiratory tract
11.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Latest Findings: Ecigs more effective than over the counter quit smoking products
25.01.2016 by Dave Cross
The Conversation is home to staunch anti-ecig campaigners such as Simon Chapman. A team of three researchers from the University of Warwick have used it to discuss their findings where they explain “why e-cigarettes could be holding back your plans
22.01.2016 by Dave Cross