Health & Studies

Doctors blame an electronic cigarette for an old man’s fall and say that vaping may be hazardous to your eye
07.12.2020 by Dave Cross
New study finds “e-cigarettes may be an inclusive harm reduction strategy for African American and Latinx smokers”
25.11.2020 by Dave Cross
Researchers have produced a study claiming vapers are at greater risk of contracting influenza and COVID-19, but this contrasts starkly with what vapers are reporting from lived experience
24.11.2020 by Dave Cross
A researcher at the University of Exeter is asking for new vapers to take part in a study to determine how people experience the switch from smoking to using vape kit
29.10.2020 by Dave Cross
Unfounded concerns about safety of e-cigarettes are likely to be behind the reported drop in the number of vapers in Great Britain
27.10.2020 by Dave Cross
Professor Polosa follows up on the COPD study he completed five years ago and finds that vaping improves the condition in smokers who switch to vaping
21.10.2020 by Dave Cross
New Austrian study finds vapers are 1.69x more likely to quit smoking than those relying on traditional nicotine replacement/quit methods
09.10.2020 by Dave Cross
Anti-vape journal carries research from the University of California claiming nichrome coils caused the EVALI lung outbreak
06.10.2020 by Dave Cross
Flavours in eliquids cause zebra fish embryos to exhibit hyperactivity and demonstrate dull sensory perception, according to hyperactive and dull researchers
06.10.2020 by Dave Cross
Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer has welcomed the findings from a young people’s survey on smoking, alcohol and drugs
02.10.2020 by Dave Cross