Health & Studies

Etter, Farsalinos and Vaping Studies

Doctors Jean-Francois Etter and Konstantinos Farsalinos have a long-standing interest in electronic cigarettes, their studies add to the canon of knowledge regarding efficacy and safety.

Smoking Toolkit Study 2015

Latest findings from the STS team at University College, London, demonstrate the continuing power of electronic cigarettes for quitting smokers.

The Formaldehyde Question

Is there formaldehyde in vapour? A study claims this to be the case but experts disagree.

Nicotine On The Brain

Quit programs may have to reconsider how they treat men and women based on gender responses to nicotine, a new study shows

Teenage Rampage

As we fly towards Xmas we are all thinking about our children. When it comes to ecigs, media sources can barely think about anything else too.

E-cigarettes less addictive than cigarettes

Research published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research conducted by Penn State tobacco and nicotine expert Jonathan Foulds.

ONS challenges vaping as a gateway

New data released yesterday by the ONS reports that ecigarettes are not a gateway to tobacco use.

Smokers Attitudes Towards Vaping

Latest research from Liverpool regarding smokers attitudes to ecig use.

Ecigs Aid Quit Attempts

Hard science proves the efficacy of electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation devices

Vaping & Quitting

Doctor Michael Siegel returns to sensible commentary about public health issues.