Health & Studies

A team from Ohio State University whips up fear over the supposed American teen epidemic and gateway to smoking, but University College London experts say it simply isn’t an issue
15.01.2021 by Dave Cross
The JMIR Public Health and Surveillance journal continues its unhealthy interest with negative research about vapers on Twitter, this time being their views relating to COVID-19
13.01.2021 by Dave Cross
Researchers at University of California San Diego display a laughable level of ignorance about subohming and believe vaping harms the gut
12.01.2021 by Dave Cross
One research paper looking at the flavour additives in eliquid ignores the reduced harm of vaping when compared to smoking and another pretends mice are humans
11.01.2021 by Dave Cross
The UK E-Cigarette Research Forum passes comment on another selection of vape-related studies
18.12.2020 by Dave Cross
E-cigarettes act as a ‘gateway’ to smoking tobacco for U.S. teens, a self-proclaimed expert warns, but this runs contrary to findings showing American teens' use of tobacco has dropped to a record low
18.12.2020 by Dave Cross
A new paper looking at COVID-19 and vaping rounds off a year where many sought to demonise electronic cigarettes yet shows no association between ecig use and contracting the virus
16.12.2020 by Dave Cross
Doctors blame an electronic cigarette for an old man’s fall and say that vaping may be hazardous to your eye
07.12.2020 by Dave Cross
New study finds “e-cigarettes may be an inclusive harm reduction strategy for African American and Latinx smokers”
25.11.2020 by Dave Cross
Researchers have produced a study claiming vapers are at greater risk of contracting influenza and COVID-19, but this contrasts starkly with what vapers are reporting from lived experience
24.11.2020 by Dave Cross