Health & Studies

The Centre of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction has discovered that switching to vapes reduces vascular damage and the onset of smoking-related diseases
15.08.2022 by Dave Cross
Latest findings from the annual CRUK and ASH survey have fuelled concerns that disposable vapes are too readily accessible by young people
11.07.2022 by Dave Cross
The Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group provides its latest monthly review looking at the use of e‐cigarettes to aid smoking cessation
06.05.2022 by Dave Cross
First time vapers value specialist advice in helping them quit conventional cigarettes, according to the UK Vaping Industry Association
05.05.2022 by Dave Cross
The Centre of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction conducted research and found no contaminants in e-liquids and evidence of lower risk
27.04.2022 by Dave Cross
Professor Michael Siegel and research assistant Amanda Katchmar have conducted a study looking at the evidence surrounding restrictions on flavoured electronic cigarette sales
27.04.2022 by Dave Cross
More American doctors are talking to patients about switching to vaping – but only because the smokers are pushing for it
26.04.2022 by Dave Cross
With Australia in the grip of an American-style hysterical approach to tobacco harm reduction, new research shows that vaping helps Australian smokers quit and remain smoke-free
21.04.2022 by Dave Cross
RED C has conducted research on behalf of Respect Vapers looking at what vapers use and why – and what impact a ban might have
21.04.2022 by Dave Cross
A new study looking at how vaping helps pregnant smokers quit and remain smoke-free has been published
20.04.2022 by Dave Cross