Health & Studies

The UK E-Cigarette Research Forum, in partnership with the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies and Public Health England has released its latest research round-up
01.10.2021 by Dave Cross
Latest findings about smoking in England highlights a surging rate of smoking in teens during Covid lockdown
09.09.2021 by Dave Cross
Experts have reacted to reports of an unpublished conference presentation on nicotine e-cigarettes and clotting
07.09.2021 by Dave Cross
A new Cochrane review of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation has been released updating the current evidence for vaping’s efficacy
26.08.2021 by Dave Cross
Fifteen past presidents of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco have delivered a body blow to the arguments used to deny the benefits of vaping
23.08.2021 by Dave Cross
New research from the Rutgers School of Public Health finds that American doctors are still shockingly ignorant when it comes to nicotine
11.08.2021 by Dave Cross
Despite being censured for sexual harassment and shoe-horned into retirement, the incorrigible Stanton Glantz persists in trying to muddy the waters when it comes to vaping
02.08.2021 by Dave Cross
ETHRA has released graphics and a video to support its EU Nicotine Users Survey 2020 report
30.07.2021 by Dave Cross
Action on Smoking and Health has released its annual update detailing the current state of play when it comes to young people and electronic cigarettes in Great Britain
29.07.2021 by Dave Cross
A paper published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research finds that higher levels of nicotine in e-liquid increases smoking quit rates
21.07.2021 by Dave Cross