Health & Studies

Europe placed an evidence-free, arbitrary cap on the volume of nicotine in e-liquid. Latest evidence shows higher nic levels work and reduce carcinogen exposure
27.04.2021 by Dave Cross
The latest research round-up from The UK E-Cigarette Research Forum
20.04.2021 by Dave Cross
The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World has taken a look at how the ban on the sale and production of menthol tobacco products has impacted upon cigarette consumption
23.03.2021 by Dave Cross
Researchers at University College London has found that ethnic minorities in England are less likely to vape to help them quit smoking
23.03.2021 by Dave Cross
A study from the Cochrane Library has amplified the mental benefits of quitting, and a new study in Nicotine & Tobacco Research says vaping helps adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders
22.03.2021 by Dave Cross
The world is attacking eliquid flavours, and some in the UK are demanding the government bans everything but menthol and tobacco, but two research studies show they’re wrong to do so
19.03.2021 by Dave Cross
Vapers can marvel at new research showing that vision is enhanced by nicotine in healthy non-smokers; a Wanda-ful finding
18.03.2021 by Dave Cross
Another research paper has demonstrated that vaping works as well if not better than traditional smoking cessation aids
10.03.2021 by Dave Cross
A team from Ohio State University whips up fear over the supposed American teen epidemic and gateway to smoking, but University College London experts say it simply isn’t an issue
15.01.2021 by Dave Cross
The JMIR Public Health and Surveillance journal continues its unhealthy interest with negative research about vapers on Twitter, this time being their views relating to COVID-19
13.01.2021 by Dave Cross