Health & Studies

Dr Sarah Jackson has responded to a letter questioning a study conducted by a team at University College London on the effectiveness of vaping
09.08.2019 by Dave Cross
A new paper published in the BMJ’s Thorax journal shows that smoking quitting rates were much higher after e-cigarette use rose in Great Britain
09.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Claims that vaping is a gateway to smoking have been rebuffed in Australia.
07.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Professors West and Munafò issue a joint call for scientists to adopt an ‘open science’ policy for vape-related research
05.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Anti-vape researchers in Australia have got flustered about vape companies telling the truth about vaping on Twitter
02.08.2019 by Dave Cross
A new “comprehensive” study in the Nicotine & Tobacco Research journal finds that people who vape daily are more likely to find success in quitting smoking
02.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Researchers at prestigious Yale University ignore the obvious to state new fears about JUUL vanilla flavouring, aiming to stock fear about all eliquids
01.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Farsalinos and Lagoumintzis respond to fears over vape flavours by highlighting that it is the dose that makes the poison.
29.07.2019 by Dave Cross
More junk science from California, as researchers make the claim that eliquids cause damage to "specialised cells".
10.07.2019 by Dave Cross
The monthly magazine Scientific American just published a story about vaping but uses a poor, rehashed 2017 study as anti-tobacco harm reduction propaganda
05.07.2019 by Dave Cross