Vaping News

Political worries about an ecig gateway effect to smoking go up in a puff of vape.
20.10.2015 by Dave Cross
Did tobacco industries have a direct influence in Article 20?
19.10.2015 by Dave Cross
The fallout of the PHE report continues to rumble on.
16.10.2015 by Dave Cross
Derby County FC broke new ground with ecig sponsorship but now shift their ecig stance.
16.10.2015 by Dave Cross
The HSCC met to take comments from industry experts and public health officials.
14.10.2015 by Dave Cross
Passive vaping has been debunked once more.
13.10.2015 by Dave Cross
New legislation has resulted in a rash of emails to vape customers.
12.10.2015 by Dave Cross
God hates ecigs too – according to the Ecumenical News.
05.10.2015 by Dave Cross
Fire service officials warn about ecig chargers again
02.10.2015 by Dave Cross
The case against Article 20 of the TPD is being heard today.
01.10.2015 by Dave Cross