Vaping News

The Houses of Parliament ban MPs from vaping in their offices.
04.06.2015 by Dave Cross
This week vaping advocates have organised a “Thunderclap” and Europe-wide demonstrations. Initial reports indicate low-level support. Why don’t most vapers want to get involved?
03.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Why do we vape? News channels and a vape store attempt to answer the question.
27.05.2015 by Dave Cross
It’s been another week of lies, damned lies and Photoshop images.
27.05.2015 by Dave Cross
Mouth-to-lung hits take on a new meaning when a Facebook user publishes pictures of his vape-related injury.
27.05.2015 by Dave Cross
In the face of 1,300 smoker deaths per day, Doctor Brad Rodu calls for the acceptance of smoke free nicotine alternatives.
15.05.2015 by Dave Cross
Following a Californian announcing his intention to sue a vendor last year comes the news that another Californian is taking on Blu electronic cigarettes.
13.05.2015 by Dave Cross
Vapers have long suspected the primary motivation for ecig control is revenue generation. Voices are speaking out about potential problems.
13.05.2015 by Dave Cross
Here’s a round up of recent vape-related events unable to be squeezed into other features.
11.05.2015 by Dave Cross
Some are starting to call vaping the “revolution that wasn’t”. Do declining figures indicate the beginning of the end for ecigs?
08.05.2015 by Dave Cross