Vaping News

Does your employer have the right to dictate how you live your life in your own home?
15.12.2014 by Dave Cross
The tragic accident gives an important message to vapers about juice storage.
12.12.2014 by Dave Cross
How much are legislators concerned for our health, and how much are they thinking about the potential revenue?
11.12.2014 by Dave Cross
What weird and wacky things have been taking place in the USA this week?
10.12.2014 by Dave Cross
There has been a major change in the public's appreciation of the severe hazards of smoking in the past three years, industry is moving to develop new products.
10.12.2014 by Dave Cross
With Sony declaring that they do not make VTC5s, can we be sure of any claim to authenticity?
10.12.2014 by Dave Cross
It will come in some form, but who is going to benefit?
08.12.2014 by Dave Cross
In the battle for hearts and minds genuine scientific evidence is crucial.
03.12.2014 by Dave Cross
These are the global events of note this week.
02.12.2014 by Dave Cross
An accusation often levelled at original manufacturers is that they have no patent protection, is this true?
01.12.2014 by Dave Cross