Vaping News

ASH and Cancer Research UK have published the 5th annual report on local tobacco control
21.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Pseudo science gets The Daily Mail all excited at the prospect of doing a story about teenage girl’s breasts.
20.03.2019 by Dave Cross
A newspaper by the Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism & Graphic Communication lies about vaping
18.03.2019 by Dave Cross
A rebranded Gearbest has run into problems as millions of customers have had their unencrypted personal data stolen.
18.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Media leaps on an allergic reaction and immediately blames vaping and a US Senator blames vaping for causing “instant popcorn lung”.
14.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Philip Morris’ managing director walks into a problem while trying to support National No Smoking Day.
14.03.2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance issues a call to NHS Trusts and states that government messages are still not getting through
14.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Public Health England’s Duncan Selbie hits back at media coverage suggesting there is a teen vaping or gateway problem
13.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Hugely popular House of Liquid has relaunched under its original ownership.
12.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Pod giant Juul Labs’ U.K. division has joined the UK Vaping Industry Association
11.03.2019 by Dave Cross