Vaping News

The Foundation for a Smoke-free World is the latest vape-related organisation to step up with advice regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic
18.03.2020 by Dave Cross
We Are Women Online are offering to give $250 to every social media platform owner willing to lie about vaping
17.03.2020 by Dave Cross
The Independent Vape Trade Association has issued advice following the latest government guidance
17.03.2020 by Dave Cross
Vaping, tobacco harm reduction and an Early Day Motion in Parliament
16.03.2020 by Dave Cross
The Scottish government has announced its intention to fine hospital staff for not enforcing no-smoking zones, and an MSP is demanding vaping is banned from public spaces
13.03.2020 by Dave Cross
The government has released an advice update about vaping in mental health settings
12.03.2020 by Dave Cross
Rice University experts say that vape bans do not work and the Heartland Institute says bans are the wrong approach for Hawaii
12.03.2020 by Dave Cross
Trade association VTANZ celebrates the Attorney-General decision on vape advertising while CAPHRA are concerned over WHO’s stance on tobacco harm reduction
11.03.2020 by Dave Cross
Battery giant Samsung is demanding a vape organisation tells people not to buy or use its products
11.03.2020 by Dave Cross
Professor Newton, Public Health England, has announced what he considers to be the eight things everybody should know about vaping
10.03.2020 by Dave Cross