Vaping News

Public health leaders have broadly welcome the King’s Speech setting out Government’s proposals for a smokefree generation but there has been no response from the vape industry
14.11.2023 by Dave Cross
IBVTA’s national vape industry conference took place at the end of October and heard about proposals to meet forthcoming challenges in the sector
10.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Supreme, the company behind 88 Vape, is acting to shore up share value and combat possible legislation by removing bright colours and certain descriptors from its products
08.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Prospects don’t look good for the business owners caught supplying illegal vapes by North Northamptonshire Council’s Trading Standards team and the Northamptonshire Police
08.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a decline in teen vaping Leading to a consumer group calling for an end to “the moral panic” and time to “focus on practical solutions”
07.11.2023 by Dave Cross
CAPHRA calls for the World Health Organization and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to support the UN's stand on tobacco harm reduction as a human right
06.11.2023 by Dave Cross
The Portuguese Government is jeopardising smoking cessation efforts with new legislation that will discourage smokers from switching to vapes
03.11.2023 by Dave Cross
In what Yorkshire cops have termed “Thunderhaul”, more than £100,000 of carefully concealed illegal tobacco and vapes have been smoked out in Dewsbury
02.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Just over a year ago the Belgian Superior Health Council was recommending smokers switch to vapes, but now European consumers are renewing a call to the Belgian presidency to prioritise harm reduction
02.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Cancer Research UK has shared a policy briefing on ecig packaging and retail appeal in Great Britain following two “in-depth studies”
01.11.2023 by Dave Cross