Vaping News

Vaping in Australia has never been under greater threat according to the country's leading tobacco harm reduction charity. Meanwhile New Zealand vapers mobilise to oppose a flavour ban and its independent trade body announces its plans for the
01.10.2019 by Dave Cross
Doctor Konstantinos Farsalinos brands the linking of vaping with the recent THC-related lung disease cases as “one of biggest campaigns of misinformation and public deception ever”
30.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Professor John Britton, Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, speaks out about vaping and how the U.K. is leading the way
27.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Trump dumped the fleeting meeting where he should have been greeting vaping advocates and justifying his new anti-business vape stance
27.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Questions are being raised about the motives behind the rash of US vape bans as news breaks that there is a Pharma ecig in the pipeline
26.09.2019 by Dave Cross
The European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates umbrella organisation has been launched to promote safer nicotine use across Europe
26.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Now removed from an association with British American Tobacco, the VOKE device is to be launched next month and will be prescribable to NHS patients
25.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Action on Smoking and Health releases a fact sheet summarising data are taken from an annual survey
25.09.2019 by Dave Cross
David Aaronovitch introduced experts to speak about the burning issues of the day. Linda Bauld, Professor of Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh, and Lion Shahab, Associate Professor in Health Psychology at the University College London,
24.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Asda’s parent company Walmart has decided to drop safer vape products but continues to sell cigarettes and guns
23.09.2019 by Dave Cross