Vaping News

A Panorama report discloses the lengths to which big tobacco will go to influence and corrupt legislation.
11.12.2015 by Dave Cross
Loi 44 in Canada enacts what will be reality for post-TPD Britain.
11.12.2015 by Dave Cross
Welsh ministers fail to agree on ecig regulation
10.12.2015 by Dave Cross
Most workplace vape bans are nonsensical; one group of vaping MPs are fighting back and ignoring them
09.12.2015 by Dave Cross
The number of cases being taken out against vape companies is escalating.
09.12.2015 by Dave Cross
The clash between pro and anti-vaping advocates centres on adverts and social media.
08.12.2015 by Dave Cross
Research company’s UK-based survey into electronic cigarettes makes for interesting reading.
04.12.2015 by Dave Cross
New research claims electronic cigarettes are a gateway into smoking for teens.
04.12.2015 by Dave Cross
Further coverage of the negative aspects of vaping proliferates the news wires.
03.12.2015 by Dave Cross
A flood of ecig disaster stories takes media outlets by storm
02.12.2015 by Dave Cross