Vaping News

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training has issued a guide to help UK smoking cessation teams to incorporate vaping into their services.
10.01.2022 by Dave Cross
A number of “experts” are attempting to make out that vaping causes erectile dysfunction, but the truth of the matter is that this is not true, according to Colin Mendelssohn and the ACSH
06.01.2022 by Dave Cross
The UK Vaping Industry Association has partnered with Ipswich Night Shelter to offer support to the homeless to help them quit smoking
05.01.2022 by Dave Cross
The Independent European Vape Alliance has expanded once more as French vaping association FIVAPE joins as a member
05.01.2022 by Dave Cross
An anti-vaping report carried in the Lancet has been described as “incredulous, laughable, untrue and extremely worrying” by the UK Vaping Industry Association
04.01.2022 by Dave Cross
The annual NHS push to get smokers to quit for New Year is underway against a backdrop of pressure on household finances and knowledge of the impact on children of parents smoking
04.01.2022 by Dave Cross
Madness from Sunderland, Stoptober, COP9, vapes on prescription, and a push for the truth brings the summary of 2021 to a close
23.12.2021 by Dave Cross
A hugely successful second quarter for the UK ended with a conference banning advocates in the third quarter, and so the wheel continued to turn
22.12.2021 by Dave Cross
The first quarter of 2021 was a mixed affair but it culminated in a number of positive news stories from the United Kingdom – how did the next three months go?
21.12.2021 by Dave Cross
The year is closing and we look back at the first three months of 2021 to see how it all began
20.12.2021 by Dave Cross