Vaping News

The World Vaper’s Alliance says it is planning a global run/jog/walk for a mile on World Vape Day to demonstrate and celebrate the health benefits of vaping
06.05.2021 by Dave Cross
The Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks has published its final opinion about electronic cigarettes and vaping
05.05.2021 by Dave Cross
Got something to say about nicotine? The Global Forum on Nicotine wants to hear from YOU.
04.05.2021 by Dave Cross
The University of East Anglia and the NHS are joining up to run an e-cig trial project described as a “landmark moment for vaping and harm reduction”
04.05.2021 by Dave Cross
A new research report by Oxford Economics has uncovered the extraordinary success story of vaping and alternative nicotine products in the UK.
30.04.2021 by Dave Cross
Researchers delivered a heavy dose of politeness to Australian “Anti-vaping pensioners” Simon Chapman and Mike Daube for their pitiful “pedantic non-points”
29.04.2021 by Dave Cross
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has angrily responded to an “unfair and unsubstantiated” retraction of his research paper examining the relationship between smoking and COVID-19 risk
29.04.2021 by Dave Cross
New Zealand’s smokefree plan overlooks the proven vaping alternative, according to the Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy
28.04.2021 by Dave Cross
The UK Vaping Industry Association is conducting a survey to find out how many businesses are suffering from stealth shipping bans
27.04.2021 by Dave Cross
The German Government plans to triple the price of vaping liquids and the World Vapers’ Alliance says this will have a “catastrophic effect”
26.04.2021 by Dave Cross