Vaping News

Berkshire bus driver forgets to follow simple safety steps and pays the price as a battery vents in his pocket.
08.04.2019 by Dave Cross
The FDA’s Scott Gottlieb has announced that the FDA can “ban pod-based products entirely” and accuses vaping of possible causing seizures as he prepares to spend "more time with my family"
04.04.2019 by Dave Cross
The American, Bloomberg-funded, Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids is pushing for anti-tobacco harm reduction measures in Bangladesh
03.04.2019 by Dave Cross
A Glantz editorial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association argues that public misunderstanding about vaping is "a good thing"
02.04.2019 by Dave Cross
Vape stores are attractive targets for burglars – a comical video shows an inept Canadian couple caught in the act
01.04.2019 by Dave Cross
A collection of vape-related news from around the world
29.03.2019 by Dave Cross
The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World has launched ‘the Smoke-Free Index®’, in conjunction with two new partners.
28.03.2019 by Dave Cross
The University of Leeds is implementing a smoke-free campus policy – but is making a special provision for vapers
27.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Acting commissioner announcement and a rough FDA-Juul meeting sees Altria stock slide.
26.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Is there evidence of a danger posed by vaping to teens, an epidemic or a gateway effect? Only if you are ideologically opposed to tobacco harm reduction.
22.03.2019 by Dave Cross