Vaping News

Dr Roger Henderson has said positive things about vaping in the past but is now telling nurses he won’t support it for his patients at the moment
03.07.2020 by Dave Cross
Dutch consumer advocacy group Acvoda says that vapers are “stunned” about the proposal to ban eliquid flavours across the Netherlands
01.07.2020 by Dave Cross
German site Vapers Guru is reporting German federal drug commissioner Daniela Ludwig’s push to ban vaping flavours at home and across Europe
01.07.2020 by Dave Cross
French advocacy SOVAPE has released the first comprehensive document in the country regarding vaping and smoking cessation during pregnancy
30.06.2020 by Dave Cross
Australia’s Minister for Health backpaddles on his commitment to ban nicotine after huge condemnation
29.06.2020 by Dave Cross
Draconian Aussie vape crackdown will cost lives, according to one of the co-owners of antipodean vape chain Vapo Australia
26.06.2020 by Dave Cross
Are vapers better at maths than most smokers? New research says greater numeracy skills are linked to a higher likelihood to quit smoking
26.06.2020 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance is building on its success at hosting webcasts with Clive Bates and Konstantinos Farsalinos by hosting a third one about alternative nicotine products
25.06.2020 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) hosted its second webcast on Zoom last week with guest speaker Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, talking about the link between nicotine and COVID-19
24.06.2020 by Dave Cross
Michelle Minton has produced a remarkable essay detailing how she thinks anti-vaping campaigners have created the so-called youth vaping “epidemic”
24.06.2020 by Dave Cross