Vaping News

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service is to update its position on vaping after action following the UKVIA Forum
08.07.2019 by Dave Cross
YouTuber Matthew Santoro shamefully laced his pockets with money to regurgitate spurious “facts” about vaping
08.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Dudley is one of country's vaping hotspots according to the Birmingham Mail, using results from the UK Vape Store Locator website
05.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Ex-FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb writes about vaping in the Wall Street journal, then suddenly announces he is joining be joining the board of directors at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer
04.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Science (some say reality) deniers don’t like to debate advocates but outspoken internet troll Simon Chapman met with Dr Colin Mendelsohn on Australian radio
04.07.2019 by Dave Cross
A new NHS report released on Tuesday shows the current state of smoking in England – and shows that teen vaping is still marginal and confined to current smokers
03.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Critics of San Francisco’s impending vape ban have been lining up to denounce the illogical and amoral actions of the Board of Supervisors
01.07.2019 by Dave Cross
Questions relating to vaping and tobacco harm reduction taking place in the House of Commons and the House of Lords
28.06.2019 by Dave Cross
American researchers claim that vaping stops the nose being able to clear itself of mucus. Their tests were carried out on cells in a dish and sheep
27.06.2019 by Dave Cross
A customer complaint about vaping was dealt with in superb fashion by the Brandling Villa pub and (for some reason) North Tyneside Council
27.06.2019 by Dave Cross