Vaping News

Ecig use cuts house fire fatalities

Recent press has been shouting out the dangers of electronic cigarettes and their risk as a fire hazard.

American Tales

Latest news from across the pond.

The Beginning of the End?

USA market reaction to CDC reported trends predicting the end of vaping

All Change

Vaping now banned across all Transport for London vehicles and stations/depots

"Stealth" Vaping ban by Transport for London

It has been announced that the use of electronic cigarettes has been banned on all TfL properties.

Mutant Clone Is Far From A Marvel

In case you have been locked away in the days of future past you might have missed the slow-burn news story from Wigan. Media coverage is littered with errors and misconceptions, social media filled with outrage and then outrage about the outrage, but what can the vaping community learn from it all?

New Advertising Rules For E-cigs

Hot on the heels of last week’s ruling regarding VIP Electronic Cigarette’s “sexy” campaign comes revised rules for e-cigarettes from the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) to ensure they continue to be promoted in a responsible way.

Sue, Grabbit & Runne

An ecig user in California has filed a misrepresentation class action lawsuit against Fumizer LLC

The anti-vaper activists are doing a good job

A new study indicates that anti-smoker and anti-vaper activists are doing a good job (unfortunately)