Vaping News

Smokefree Sheffield is keen to put across the truth about vaping related issues in light of the US lung disease outbreak
04.12.2019 by Dave Cross
Netflix is screening a series of documentaries, one of which being a 61 minute special on “Big Vape”
03.12.2019 by Dave Cross
UKVIA’s John Dunne spoke to BBC Radio Leicester’s Ady Dayman and Jo Hayward about the recent incident of a boy with lung problems
03.12.2019 by Dave Cross
Philippine President Duterte has demonstrated how maniacal the anti-vaping lobby can be by threatening to kill electronic cigarette inventor Hon Lik
02.12.2019 by Dave Cross
The Standing Committee of European Doctors releases its new policy on novel tobacco and nicotine products
02.12.2019 by Dave Cross
Louise Ross, National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training and Vice Chair of the NNA, responds to the 16 paediatric professionals in The Guardian
29.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Vaping and tobacco harm reduction in the UK is coming under a sustained attack from a coordinated group of prohibitionists
27.11.2019 by Dave Cross
The American Heart Association announces a “bold” program to end the lies, but isn’t talking about its own
26.11.2019 by Dave Cross
People power appears to have won the day as Trump runs scared from imposing flavour bans due to probable disaster in key election marginal states
25.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Representatives of the leading UK harm reduction charity the New Nicotine Alliance have been speaking at public events
22.11.2019 by Dave Cross