Vaping News

Professor Nick Hopkinson has hit back at a Lancet article that claims prescription vapes would be “another public health catastrophe”
08.04.2022 by Dave Cross
The UKVIA are conducting a study to explore the level and quality of advice smokers sought and accessed before making the decision to switch to vaping
07.04.2022 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance is calling on vapers to take up Jacob Rees-Mogg’s invitation to let him know what you think
06.04.2022 by Dave Cross
Planet of the Vapes has received a second awards nomination this year as our News editor is listed for Advocate of the Year as part of the Vapouround Awards 2022
05.04.2022 by Dave Cross
The Smoking and Alcohol Toolkit Study has expanded its coverage and now includes graphs and commentary from Wales and Scotland
04.04.2022 by Dave Cross
Geek Bar calls upon Trading Standards services in major cities to do everything possible to deal with rogue traders of disposable vape products
04.04.2022 by Dave Cross
There were rumours that there was a rumour, but that was…
02.04.2022 by Dave Cross
Rumours are flying around on world's first commercial airline that will permit vaping on-board
01.04.2022 by Dave Cross
The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates has praised the admirable way three key Asia Pacific countries are turning their backs on philanthropic colonialism
01.04.2022 by Dave Cross
The World Vapers’ Alliance has told Sweden and the Netherlands that flavours matter and vapers will be pushed back to smoking if they can’t access flavoured e-liquids
31.03.2022 by Dave Cross