Vaping News

The American Lung Association says it’s America’s “most trusted voice” for lung health. We see how it compares to the British Lung Foundation
05.09.2019 by Dave Cross
A Diamond Mist Eliquids advert was reported to the Advertising Standards Authority for implying their product was endorsed by the athlete Sir Mo Farah
04.09.2019 by Dave Cross
VPZ, the UK’s largest retailer of vaping products, has launched a new stop smoking service after ASH and Cancer Research UK found that 44% of local authorities no longer have a specialist service
04.09.2019 by Dave Cross
Simon Chapman, staunch anti-vaping campaigner and online troll, demonstrated his barely lucid ability to communicate
03.09.2019 by Dave Cross
The latest and possibly the last significant vaping marketing campaign in New Zealand has been launched
03.09.2019 by Dave Cross
The United Arab Emirates is to host the World Vape Show in Dubai in 2020, celebrating the fact that vaping is finally allowed in the region
02.09.2019 by Dave Cross
New Zealander of the Year nominee Marewa Glover has been subjected to inane attacks as anti-vape zealots display cultish behaviour
29.08.2019 by Dave Cross
Indian Ministry of Health pushes for a national ban on the manufacture and importation of vape products – and jail for those selling kit or juice
28.08.2019 by Dave Cross
In a piece copy-pasted from America, the UK’s Guardian newspaper asks if recycling is “Vaping’s other problem”
28.08.2019 by Dave Cross
New Zealand’s Ministry of Health has marked the country safe from vape-related lung conditions
27.08.2019 by Dave Cross