Vaping News

Post-lockdown F1 motor sport is back and with it comes another complaint about the PMI sponsorship with Ferrari and BAT logos on McLaren cars
05.08.2020 by Dave Cross
Juuls Labs files its PMT application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which will allow it to continue selling products in its core market
04.08.2020 by Dave Cross
The first trailer for the film “You Don’t Know Nicotine” has been released as it moves closer to being launched
04.08.2020 by Dave Cross
Pesko, Courtemanche, and Maclean issue a 2020 update to their research looking at the impact of taxing vaping published last year
03.08.2020 by Dave Cross
Ruth Malone, Editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal’s ‘Tobacco Control’ journal claims prohibition works, has worked for heroin and would work for smoking (and vaping)
03.08.2020 by Dave Cross
Meta-analysis says the evidence found suggests the protective effects of nicotine need to be studied in greater detail
31.07.2020 by Dave Cross
A New Zealand MP’s smokefree amendments deserve support, according to the co-director of Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy
30.07.2020 by Dave Cross
The NNA has hosted another successful webcast looking at why many smokers do not get on with alternative nicotine products
29.07.2020 by Dave Cross
The Institute of Economic Affairs’ Book Club hosted a webcast with vaping advocate Matt Ridley, discussing “How innovation works"
29.07.2020 by Dave Cross
New study by researchers at University College London finds that vaping is not proving to be a gateway to smoking in the United States
28.07.2020 by Dave Cross