Vaping News

New Zealand took part in World Smokefree Day, but the largest New Zealand-owned vaping company worried not enough was done for vaping
14.06.2019 by Dave Cross
The Philippines is raising the price of tobacco in its ‘Quit or Die’ drive as the country has clamped down on the vape alternative
13.06.2019 by Dave Cross
Flavour Warehouse, trading as Vampire Vape, has been shortlisted for the “Be Inspired Business Awards”
12.06.2019 by Dave Cross
Professor Ann McNeill reflects on the importance of balancing the risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes through regulation
11.06.2019 by Dave Cross
Ferrari follows Ducati’s lead and drops PMI Mission Winnow branding for two Formula 1 races; the tobacco company slams critics in response
10.06.2019 by Dave Cross
The European Respiratory Society has released a position paper on vaping and tobacco harm reduction where it argues smokers should simply quit or die
07.06.2019 by Dave Cross
The Royal College of Midwives says pregnant women should be encouraged to vape to help them quit smoking in an updated position statement
07.06.2019 by Dave Cross
The American Lung Association has released a document purporting to help parents know the dangers of, and talk to their kids about, vaping. It is a outrageous collection of lies.
05.06.2019 by Dave Cross
Senator Dick Durbin grabs an opportunity to bolster his opinion ratings by making another baseless attack on JUUL, The FDA and its new Commissioner Ned Sharpless
04.06.2019 by Dave Cross
The World Health Organisation attacks a tobacco company, but UKVIA and the New Nicotine Alliance express dismay with the WHO’s position on tobacco harm reduction
04.06.2019 by Dave Cross