Vaping News

SOVAPE’s Philippe Poirson has constructed a damming critique of the World Health Organisation’s scientific denialism
13.02.2020 by Dave Cross
The Chief Medical Officer for England appears intent on continuing Dame Sally Davies’ attacks on vaping and tobacco harm reduction with nonsensical statements
12.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Trump Administration proposes to rip oversight of tobacco and nicotine products away from the Food and Drug Administration
11.02.2020 by Dave Cross
“E-cigarettes could be a game changer in public health”, says The Economist, “helping millions of people quit smoking”
11.02.2020 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance has written to the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health, on the subject of non-tobacco nicotine pouches
10.02.2020 by Dave Cross
More questions and answers relating to smoking, vaping and tobacco harm reduction in parliament
07.02.2020 by Dave Cross
VPZ celebrates its 7th birthday with the announcement it will invest £12million in a High Street growth plan – promoting vaping to smokers and creating jobs
06.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Farsalinos and Barbouni publish a study in Tobacco Control showing that smokers who vape are more likely to quit compared to those who don’t
06.02.2020 by Dave Cross
The Carry-On film series worked to a formula and found success in the same way that the Daily Mail regurgitates anti-vape nonsense for clicks
05.02.2020 by Dave Cross
The anti-vape brigade appears to have made the claim that vaping is 95% safer than smoking its primary target for 2020. Is it still valid?
05.02.2020 by Dave Cross