Vaping News

The Scottish National Party has threatened to ban vape ads in Scotland while the Advertising Standards Authority reports an increase in complaints across the UK
11.10.2019 by Dave Cross
Vape Superstore partners with Smokefree Hackney to support those most at risk of falling into poverty due to their smoking habit
10.10.2019 by Dave Cross
Advocacy groups make a plea for government-level dialogue as the chairman of the Association of Physicians for Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis is pushing for a vape ban in the Netherlands
10.10.2019 by Dave Cross
The Food and Drug Administration has issued a second consumer warning to stop using the THC products causing lipoid pneumonia
09.10.2019 by Dave Cross
A discussion programme on TRT World hosted Professor Robert West, Deborah Arnott and Sarah Jakes, to discuss vaping
08.10.2019 by Dave Cross
The Public Health Association of New Zealand has been forced to make a deserved apology to New Zealander of the Year nominee Marewa Glover
08.10.2019 by Dave Cross
A New York court has placed the blockers on Governor Cuomo’s inane vape flavour ban proposal
07.10.2019 by Dave Cross
Martin Dockrell defended vaping on Radio 4’s Today show and responded to a number of tired, old objections to its use
04.10.2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance steps up to support vapers, vaping and the promotion of tobacco harm reduction through the use of alternative nicotine products
03.10.2019 by Dave Cross
The BBC was being reasonable with its coverage of vaping, but this seems to have shifted dramatically and now places lives at risk
03.10.2019 by Dave Cross