Vaping News

The subject of ‘freedom to vape’ generated some excellent discussion points at The UKVIA Industry Forum 2019
15.05.2019 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance continues its push to encourage NHS Trusts to reform their approach to vaping
14.05.2019 by Dave Cross
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams deliberately pours another bucket of nonsense over vaping, confusing it with drug taking
13.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Mixed messages in New Zealand look like they’re coming to an end as the government shifts to promote vaping as a safer alternative
10.05.2019 by Dave Cross
University of Iowa researchers muddy the waters when it comes to vaping while pregnant with another piece of junk science
09.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Session One of the UKVIA Industry Forum in London this Thursday had industry leaders and experts speaking about the "B" word and its impact on vaping
09.05.2019 by Dave Cross
There was no redemption for a self-confessed Facebook group vape scammer on Judge Rinder
08.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Justice Daniel Dumais struck a blow for common sense in Quebec and ruled that sections of its implementation of the Tobacco Control Act were invalid
08.05.2019 by Dave Cross
Rejuiced has previously relaunched two popular eliquid brands, and now it brings new life to Liquid Rage
07.05.2019 by Dave Cross
What happens at the NEC certainly doesn’t stay at the NEC in the age of social media and handheld recording devices – especially when it comes to stealing
07.05.2019 by Dave Cross