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The Indulge range has been reformulated in order to be compliant with the new TPD regulations, and they have some really exciting new flavours on offer. They have sent down the new range for review, which features five completely new flavours.

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The Indulge e-juice range has been carefully developed in house, involving a lot of market research alongside extensive research and development, to create a wide range of eliquids that catered to all tastes across the market. The highest quality ingredients and manufacturing standards are used throughout their eliquid brands.

Their eliquids have been reformulated in order to be compliant with the new TPD regulations, and they have some really exciting new flavours on offer. They sent down the new Indulge E-juice range for review, which features five completely new flavours. These are available for sale in 10ml TPD compliant bottles, with three to a box for a total of 30ml. The boxes containing the Indulge eliquids feature some very attractive designs and are professionally packaged.

The new Indulge range has been mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and are available for sale in boxes of 3x10ml bottles, with a nicotine strength of 3mg only available at present. Frumist have generously sent the full range of Indulge down to review, and I tested these out in the Eden Mods Trillium and CSMNT RDA...

Lemon Dream

A delicious citrus treasure, lemon sponge cake. A light fluffy sponge, with a fresh tantalizing zest of lemon, sugar coated layer baked to perfection…

One of the most enjoyable elements of Lemon Dream that I found is the zesty, lemony inhale - this really got my tastebuds going and it absolutely had me coming back for more and more! In the background you have moreish cake texture that binds perfectly with the zesty lemon and makes for a near perfect representation of lemon drizzle cake.

I wouldn't hesitate to say that Lemon Dream is one of the highest quality lemon cake eliquids that I have tried, and I certainly found this to be more enjoyable than other certain overhyped lemon cake eliquids out there. It's blended perfectly, and gives a far better representation of lemon cake itself than many others out there for sure.

Cola Burst

Sweet and sugary candy e liquid bursting with a beautiful fizzy cola flavour…

Cola Burst is a very sweet, cola flavoured eliquid that was definitely full of flavour from start to finish. I couldn't quite identify any fizz unfortunately, Cola Burst was more like one of the cola bottle sweets you can get in a pick and mix. That doesn't detract from the enjoyment I got out of this eliquid however, as I found it to be a very tasty cola flavoured juice!

Sweet Spot

An exotic blend of juicy strawberries, mixed with fresh watermelons and a hint of kiwi…

Sweet Spot is an exotic flavour blend, full of sweet and fresh flavour, it is an ideal vape for a hot summers day! There's plenty of delicious fresh strawberry flavour, that blends in with a watermelon undertone and I get that hint of kiwi on the exhale to round it off. It's a very refreshing and sweet vape, certainly one that should appeal to fans of fruity eliquid vapes and those that like a sweet vape but want to try something a bit different. 

To me this is the stand-out juice in the range.  It is refreshing and sweet, not heavy like a like of bakery sweet juices.  This juice won the best sweet e-liquid award at the Euro Vape show in Madrid a week or so ago so you can tell that it is well regarded and it is definitely worth checking out!

Cherry Tart

A British classic! Sugary-sweet, rich and authentic cherry bakewell tart. A deep filled sweet pastry crust, filled with delicious almonds, and fresh cherries finished with a soft, sweet powdered icing...

Cherry Tart is Indulge’s take on the famous cherry bakewell, and in eliquid form I have found many cherry bakewell flavours to be very hit and miss. The main element that they fail to capture is the marzipan taste- something that I found the Indulge version does extremely well. You get a hint of this when vaping it in a tank, however in an RDA you get it in abundance, which appeals to my tastes greatly!

Alongside the marzipan, you get the taste of authentic cherry, a thick pastry crust edge, and the perfect amount of icing to round it all off. This all combines for a scarily realistic cherry bakewell eliquid, and my favourite eliquid from the Indulge E-juice range. This was easily an all day vape for me!

Strawberry Delight

An intense, delicious treat packed with juiciness. A sweet, fresh candy flavoured strawberry eliquid, mouthwateringly delicious…

I would liken Strawberry Delight to a hard boiled strawberry and cream sweet, the flavour profile is akin to the taste you get from one of these. On the inhale there is plenty of candied strawberry flavour, which actually comes through very smoothly and with no harsh edge to it like some other candied strawberry flavours out there, and there is a very pleasant creamy texture on the exhale. A very well rounded vape indeed!


The quality on offer with the reformulated Indulge range is second to none, and judging by the amount of positive feedback I've seen on social media from vapers that had picked up the new Indulge range at Vaper Expo and the award at the Spanish Expo I know I'm not the only one that that thinks so too! The eliquids found here went down an absolute treat, and were true to their respective flavour descriptions.

Indulge are a very professional outfit who have been preparing for the TPD regulations for quite some time now, and have put a lot of time and money into this, so it came as no surprise to me that they have come up with a fantastic range of TPD compliant e-liquids. The Indulge E-Juice range is one of the best eliquid ranges I've tried in 2017, and well worth you having a look at!

Many thanks to Indulge for sending in the range for review, you can purchase check out their website here http://www.indulge-juice.co.uk/.  There are many UK suppliers of this juice so you shouldn't have any trouble locating it.  We have been given three sets of the whole range to give away too - check out the competition here.

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