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Unreal Berries Nic Salts

Unreal by name, unreal by nature! We take a look at the Unreal Berries range of nic salts

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Vape Club sent the Unreal Berries Nic Salts over for us to try out.

So I’m a juice reviewer now! I’ve always tried to avoid reviewing juice as it’s so subjective, all you have to go on is the name of the flavour as the manufacturers can put pretty much anything in there and call it what they want. I don’t mean that in a bad way, and  I’m not suggesting for a moment that any actual juice manufacturers just chuck any old nonsense in, but I have had my share of juices that are supposed to be, say, strawberry based but end up tasting nothing like I perceive a strawberry to taste. Thankfully Unreal haven’t done this here, what you read on the label is what you get, with some extra added in.

And the labels are also nicely done. I’ve seen some of Unreal’s range before when browsing juices and they have caught my eye, so the marketing job’s been done well. On these ones, it’s the wording in a nice font and fruits floating about on vines, with the nic strength showing at the top right. You can see from the pictures, so I won’t labour it here.  

As for the juice? It’s nice, review done. Goodbye…

Honestly though, it is nice juice. I am an absolute sucker for a berry juice, it’s literally what I make for myself the most out of any flavour profile, so these are the perfect flavours for me. We’re away from the highly sweetened and iced stuff of the bar salts and back to just normally flavoured vape juice, made from flavour concentrates, nicotine, VG and PG. These 10ml bottles are 50pg/50vg with nicotine salts, but you can also buy shortfills of all these flavours on the Vape Club site that are 70vg for DTL vaping. The flavours are done well, with a heavy nod to being berry flavours, but there is sometimes some other fruit lurking, ready to hit you on a draw. The range is diverse as well, it’s not all berries, with some lemon and lime in there to mix it up a little, and even a bit of rhubarb, which I’ve found hard to do myself without making the juice taste bitter and green.`

There are five juices in the Unreal Berries range. I’ve tried all of them in one of my trusty Aspire Neeko RTAs, with a simple 28awg Nichrome coil at about 5 wraps, coming out at 7 (or so) ohms. As I’ve mentioned before in other reviews, you’ll likely get better flavour from a mesh coil in a pod or a stock coil tank, but the Neeko is what I use for testing as I’m very well acquainted with it, and I know what to expect.

Blackcurrant and Strawberry

You’d think that this would be an easy juice to make but I know myself from experience that it’s not, you either get the blackcurrant overpowering the strawberry completely, or go too high with the strawberry and it tries to take over itself, leaving the blackcurrant as a muddy, earthy undertone. What you get with this one is a nice Ribena drink type blackcurrant, with a little bit of the fruity depth to it and the aftertaste of a ripe, sweet strawberry. They both mix really well, and there isn’t too much sweetness to the juice as the fruits do all of the work here for it.  

Cranberry and Raspberry

I’d never tried a cranberry concentrate or juice, so I didn’t know what to expect here. What I got was a very sweet juice that combines both flavours brilliantly. I let some friends taste it the other night and they all wanted to take the bottle home but they had to settle for a whatsapped link to Vape Club. The sweetener enhances the raspberry and takes the dryness away from the cranberry. It’s perhaps a touch too sweet for my own tastes but the flavour behind it is very nice so that can be overlooked for the occasional vape of it. The raspberry is the main show here at first and, while sweet, actually tastes like a raspberry rather than a candied version of it. The cranberry adds another level of sweetness and a dryness that doesn’t overstay its welcome so adds to the overall profile. As you vape more, the cranberry really comes through and makes this a great combination of berries.

Rhubarb and Raspberry

Again, I feel the raspberry is the first thing you get here but it’s a more realistic, tangy raspberry without the extra sweetness in the one above. The rhubarb is done superbly. As I noted earlier, I can’t do a rhubarb juice myself without the bitter, green taste taking over, but this one just gives a nice sourness and tang when mixed with the realistic but still somehow sweet raspberry. There is still a slight bitterness there, but it wouldn’t be rhubarb without it. It’s a great contrast and might be my favourite of the range. I’m taking notes on this one!

Grape and Lime

Grape is not a flavour I enjoy in a vape juice (I seem to hate all flavours, what a moan), and this one hasn’t changed my mind but it’s not the worst grape juice I’ve tried. It’s got a very grape juice taste about it with the trademark mustiness you get in a bottle of Shloer sparkling grape juice rather than the pre winey taste that I feel most grape e-liquid has. Added in is a sharpness from the lime which would go brilliantly if I was a grape fan. I personally think the lime makes this a much nicer vape than a pure grape one, and if you’re a person who’s into grape vapes, then you have to try it because this is different in a very good way.

Lemon and Blueberry

Here’s yet another juice that I thought wouldn’t be for me when I looked at the flavours the first time I got the juice range, and again here’s one that I really quite like. There’s always one! I was expecting it to be really sweet, but it’s really not. There is a sweet lemon flavour there, but it’s not over sweetened to me, and underneath there’s the berry of the blueberry, but it’s deeper and more subtle than I expected, and it’s mixing really well. This one’s similar to the raspberry and rhubarb in that there’s a dryness there that just works. It works really, really well. I want to bathe in this juice. I want to drink it, no matter how much the nicotine burns. It’s just lovely. (Note from Potv….we do not advise bathing in or drinking e-liquid, no matter how good it tastes!)

End Thoughts

The Unreal Berries range of e-liquid is exactly what I like personally, so I might be biased. Each juice takes two fruits and blends them expertly into a mix of flavours that come through the more you vape on them. I was particularly surprised by the raspberry and rhubarb, along with the lemon and blueberry, but the whole range has a depth to it that will have me coming back to try again and again (yes, even the grape and lime).

You can buy both the 50/50 nic salts and the 100ml shortfills from Vape Club.

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I was a very militant smoker for many years…why would I stop doing the only thing I had left that I liked doing?  Then I fell into vaping in 2017.  My wife bought a cheap kit off from Amazon that stopped working and I took it to a local vape shop to see what they could do with it.  An hour later and full of new knowledge about watts, ohms, and juice strength, I headed home with a new nautilus mini tank for her and raved to her about the helpful guy in the shop. I must have bored her with all my new found information.  I tried her vape that night, and a week later bought my own kit. Then I found POTV and the amazingly helpful and generous people on it. A month later I was making my own (disgusting) vape juice, and a month after that I was winding coils for my new RDA.  Six years on and I'm much better at making juice, and I now have no money but lots of shiny mods and tanks

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