CSMNT 24k Postless RDA by District F5ve Review by Dan Willis

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CSMNT 24k Postless RDA

The CSMNT 24k Postless RDA by District F5ve, or the CSMNT RDA for short, is the result of a collaboration between Mystery Mod Co (manufacturers of the Pi2 RDA) and District F5ve. CSMNT is a play on the word ‘Cosmonaut’, which is also the inspiration used for the logo engraved on the top cap and postless block on the deck.

Boasting a postless deck design, where the coils are inserted into 4mm coil lead holes on a large raised block placed centrally on the 24k gold plated deck, the CSMNT RDA offers a wealth of different coil building options with a massive amount of space to use, and in conjunction with the airflow it is designed to offer huge performance on the flavour and cloud fronts. The outer sleeve also doubles up as the juice well, offering plenty of capacity for e-liquid.

I’d seen a fair few discussions over social media praising the CSMNT, and liking the look of its design features I decided to take the plunge and order one from Custom Vapes. Here’s what I thought of the CSMNT RDA...


  • 24mm width
  • 510 threading
  • Stainless Steel and Matte Black finishes available
  • 24K gold plated deck
  • 24K gold plated copper adjustable 510 pin
  • Postless deck design
  • Huge build space
  • Vast amount of different coil building options available
  • Large adjustable airflow slots
  • 4mm coil lead inserts
  • Outer sleeve also doubles as juice well, offering a generous juice capacity
  • Black delrin wide bore drip tip included
  • La Petite Balle Ultem drip tip included (with batch two onwards)

What’s in the box?

The CSMNT RDA comes in a black presentation box that has the logo printed on the outer cardboard sleeve, inside the box you will find the CSMNT RDA itself, two sets of spare post screws, two sets of spare o-rings, a black delrin wide bore drip tip and the La Petite Balle Ultem drip tip if you have purchased a CSMNT RDA from batch two onwards. A Beastly Cloud Cap all in ultem is also available to purchase separately.

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Design and build quality

Manufactured from stainless steel, with a matt black finish available, the CSMNT RDA is a 24mm width RDA, which has become a very popular option for many RDAs released over the past 12 months. The outer sleeve features the CSMNT logo engraved onto it, as well as CSMNT on the opposite side, and two large airflow slots either side. It features striking 24k gold plating to the deck, with the CSMNT logo also engraved on the raised block, which helps to give the CSMNT RDA a real premium look about it. Engraving is also present at the base of the CSMNT RDA.

After taking the CSMNT RDA out of the box and giving it the once over, the design and finish was flawless, not a speck of machine oil was present too nor any burrs or sharp edges, however I did give it a thorough clean before using. The outer sleeve is a little on the loose side, and does come off quite easily, this does also double up as the juice well and you don’t need to remove this to drip. The drip tip is wide enough to drip through itself, or you can remove the drip tip and drip juice through the fitting.

If you have purchased a CSMNT from batch two onwards, you will get a black delrin wide bore drip tip included, and you’ll also get a La Petite Balle Ultem wide bore drip tip too, that has CSMNT text present on it. The CSMNT RDA doesn’t have a standard drip tip fitting, and no 510 adaptor is included with it, so you will need a specialist drip tip if you will need to use your own. 

The CSMNT RDA is one of the most strikingly beautiful atomisers I have ever laid eyes on, and it is a perfect fit for my Sub Zero Shorty mech, as I have a matt black finish for both it is an ideal pairing! If you are picking up a CSMNT RDA and looking for a mech mod to pair with it, the Sub Zero Shorty is one I would highly recommend looking at.



Two large airflow holes are present on either side of the CSMNT RDA, and these are adjusted by rotating the top cap. The airflow lines up with the top of the block on the deck, and you can even close down one side of the airflow if you wish. You can really fine tune the airflow to suit your own style, from a closed down tight draw to a wide open airy lung hit.

Building the CSMNT RDA

Visually, the build deck of the CSMNT RDA is a beautiful one. It features a stunning 24k gold plated finish to the deck, with a wealth of space available for you to build with. A raised block is found centrally on the deck, which features four 4mm holes wide enough to accommodate pretty much any build you can think of, and the large grub screws at the side enable you to tighten your coil legs down securely.

The CSMNT RDA offers one of the easiest builds I have ever experienced. The postless system makes it so easy, allowing you to simply drop you coil legs into the spacious holes and tighten up the screws. There is loads of room available here, allowing you to really get creative with your builds.


I’ve tried many different builds in the CSMNT RDA over the past month that I have owned it, and personally I believe that seating your coils centrally rather than off to the sides of the main block has been my preference. The airflow hits the build from underneath, and I’ve also found that the CSMNT RDA stays cooler as well. My preferred builds so far have been dual 0.5mm SS 316L SS coils, with 9 wraps each and a 3mm ID for 0.2ohm, and the current build I am running which is a single Ni80 Staggered Staple Clapton Coil at 0.25ohm, made by Smut on the POTV forum.


At first, I had expected the CSMNT RDA to be all about the clouds, I wasn’t expecting a lot from it in the flavour department. I was wrong however, as the CSMNT RDA has delivered some of the best flavour I have experienced from any atomiser to date. No matter what type of juice I use, or how much power I am putting through it, it delivers an incredibly flavourful vape for me each and every time. I’ve tested it with builds as low as 0.17ohm, and as high as 0.8ohm, and I just get excellent flavour every time. The only thing that seems to differ is how warm the vape is!

If you do want an RDA capable of delivering huge levels of flavour, then the CSMNT RDA definitely doesn’t disappoint here either. It’s not as airy as certain other RDA’s manufactured for clouds, but there’s still a more than generous amount of airflow on offer, and it’s still a very airy atty wide open. It’s able to deliver huge room filling clouds of vapour, and it can definitely hold its own at high wattage too.

To sum it up, the CSMNT RDA is a hell of a versatile RDA. I’ve found that it delivers outstanding flavour, with a huge amount of vapour available too should you wish to just kick back and chase clouds. This really does have to be one of the very best performing RDAs that I have tried to date.



All in all, the CSMNT RDA has become one of my all time favourite purchases, over the course of the past month or so that I have spent with this RDA, I’ve been unable to put it down for long! It is the perfect all rounder, able to provide incredible flavour as well as huge rolling clouds of dense vapour. It’s also one of the easiest atomisers I have ever built on, and it’s a very rewarding build too.

At £60 for the stainless steel version, or £65 for the matt black version, I think that the CSMNT RDA offers huge value for money. I’ve paid double that for RDA’s in the past that don’t perform on the same level as the CSMNT RDA does, or are as well constructed as the CSMNT RDA is. I really have been astounded by the way this performs, and it has become my go to RDA!

I purchased the CSMNT RDA from Custom Vapes at www.custom-vapes.co.uk


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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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