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Roar Labs Nic Salts Range

Hot on the heals of reviewing their eco friendly disposables, we got to try out the Nic Salts from Roar Labs too

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Vape Club sent the Roar Labs Nic Salt juices over for us to try out.

Roar Labs are a British company who have previously made nicotine pouches and recycling friendly disposable vapes. They style themselves as a ‘lifestyle services’ company rather than a vape manufacturer, and that does track with their previous offerings of a betel nut leave alternative (Paan alternative) and their nicotine pouches. Added to those are their eco friendly disposable vapes, where you can disassemble the device to recycle the different parts, and now they have their nicotine salt juice range. These juices are made at 50/50 VG and PG, and the ones I was sent have a strength of 20mg per ml.  

Roar Labs have gone for a subtle branding. I didn’t get mine in a box, but a quick squint online showed me that the boxes are black and are understated, much like the bottles themselves. The bottles have all the information you will need, in small writing I might add. There’s the Roar Labs logo and a grey (or silvery, I’m not sure) lionhead stencil set against a black backdrop with their name through the middle. You get the flavour name, the mg per ml, the fact that the bottles are 10ml, and a small made in the UK logo at the bottom. The rest of the bottle is taken up by the mandatory health warning, ingredients, and other legal stuff.

But what are the flavours like? Well, they’re decent., verging on damn good. Roar Labs haven’t gone down the route of being a run of the mill disposable alike juice maker and have really thought about their flavourings and the additives. I do get a coolness on all of the juices, but it’s more prevalent in some than others, there is almost not there on some, and the sweeteners aren’t just thrown in willy nilly at the same concentration for every flavour. In fact, most of the sweetness comes on the aftertaste, which is nice for me as I get to taste the real flavours first.  The flavours themselves are quite true to the description on the bottle so you’re not thinking you’ll get, say, a nice blueberry and then dive into a horrorscape of slightly blueberry flavoured sweeties that are just too damn cold.



Again, I’m loving the cherry. Surely all cherry vapes aren’t really nice and I’ve just been lucky with the ones I’ve been getting sent to review? Cherry probably is very nice in a vape, and I’ve just been stubbornly ignorant this whole time.

What I get is a dark cherry, with a delightfully sweetened aftertaste. The juice smelt a bit marizpanny, so I was bracing myself for a stinker but it’s not a stinker, not by a long shot. There’s a coolness there, and there is sweetener, but it’s on the aftertaste and it goes really well with the base cherry flavour. A definite good start.

Pineapple Ice

I love pineapple, and I love this pineapple. The ice isn’t too much, I’d even say it’s just right but the pineapple, oh the pineapple! It’s great. I wonder how many times I can type pineapple? The pineapple is like an actual pineapple, it’s so pineappley, you’d think they put a pineapple in there. Right, now the word looks wrong, but this is a really nice juice. It tastes just like the fruit, and the sweetener on the aftertaste makes it feel a little like you’ve eaten a can of the aforementioned fruit., taste wise I mean, it’s only a vape juice after all and will not fill your belly.

Peach Soda

I’m a wee bit torn on this one. It is very nice, but I personally feel that the soda aspect takes away from a nice peach flavour.  The peach is bright and light, it’s done well without the customary harshness you sometimes get with peach vape juice. Added to it is a slight fizzy effect for the soda, and I think it could be that that’s taking away from the fruit flavour as it kind of distracted me a bit. The peach is nice though, and you can tell that they’ve gone for lightness to match the soda profile. Perhaps I’m just too fussy.

Blue Sour Raspberry

I don’t get a lot of sour here, but it is a good blue raspberry flavour. There’s a bit of cooling, and the sweetener is spot on for the flavour. I get a wee bit bubblegum, but I think that’s true for all blue raspberry flavours. Very true to the name, other than the lack of sour for me.

Juicy Grape

I don’t like it. I don’t like grape though. It’s the mustiness that all manufacturers think a dark grape needs, it’s just not my taste at all but it is a part of the fruit itself, so it is authentic flavouring. Roar Labs would be doing it wrong if they didn’t include this aspect in the juice. Once I got over the initial taste, there’s a lovely sweetness that pervades all the Roar Labs juices, and I think they’ve got it right again here. There’s a distinct cool to it as well. Don’t listen to me, if you like grape vapes you’ll like this, my missus had a shot and she thought it was very nice so it’s not an overall flavouring issue. It's just me.


I liked this one. It doesn’t have the musty, dusty taste that some blueberry vape juice can have. It just tastes like a sweet blueberry and, again, has the lovely aftertaste. It’s not perfumy either, which I also find in some blueberry juice. Again, it’s simple and done well.

Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry

Another juice with slight cooling that adds to the overall profile. It leads with cherry and strawberry, but there’s a lovely tang on the aftertaste that brings in the raspberry.  I’d say this is the sweetest of the range but, as with most of the range, it doesn’t punch you in the face. There’s an almost jammy texture as well. A lovely change for me.


The spearmint is very like the actual mint leaf here. It’s got a cool, minty, leafy taste to it for me, but it’s nice. Then the sweetness comes in on the aftertaste and ruins it a little. There’s just a touch too much sweetener in my opinion but, of course, the wife thinks it’s perfect. It shows that different tastes matter in a juice.


Roar Labs obviously have someone (or some people) who know their flavours as these nic salt juices do taste how they’re supposed to without flooding them with sweeteners or anything too artificial.  Yes, they have cooling, and yes, they have a sweetness to them, but the flavours underneath have clearly been thought about and crafted. It’s not a cash grab disposable alike juice that relies on tasting like sweeties, but it still has the attributes that people will generally like and hopefully come back to. There were a couple that I didn’t like personally but you’re not going to like every flavour out there, and there were a couple I did really like so that’s a bonus for me.

Many thanks to Vape Club for sending the Roar Labs Nic Salts range in for review.

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I was a very militant smoker for many years…why would I stop doing the only thing I had left that I liked doing?  Then I fell into vaping in 2017.  My wife bought a cheap kit off from Amazon that stopped working and I took it to a local vape shop to see what they could do with it.  An hour later and full of new knowledge about watts, ohms, and juice strength, I headed home with a new nautilus mini tank for her and raved to her about the helpful guy in the shop. I must have bored her with all my new found information.  I tried her vape that night, and a week later bought my own kit. Then I found POTV and the amazingly helpful and generous people on it. A month later I was making my own (disgusting) vape juice, and a month after that I was winding coils for my new RDA.  Six years on and I'm much better at making juice, and I now have no money but lots of shiny mods and tanks

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