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Anarchist E-Liquids

Anarchist E-Liquid is a high VG range of American made juice designed to appeal to cloud chasing fans. At present there are six different flavours available in this range. We were sent two to try from Greyhaze - Apple Cookie Butter and Delicious marshmallows with graham cracker.

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Anarchist E-Liquid

Anarchist E-Liquid is a high VG range of American made juice designed to appeal to cloud chasing fans. At present there are six different flavours available in this range and they can only be purchased in 60ml bottle sizes. The bottles have a screw on child proof top cap and also come with a screw on attachable nozzle. In addition the bottles come in protective cardboard packaging. The boxes and the labels are minimalist but still eye-catching and all of the typical information is shown including warnings.

The juice is mixed to a ratio of 75VG/25PG but after vaping them I would say they feel pretty much like 80VG to me. The available nicotine strengths are quite different and they can be purchased in 4mg, 2mg or 0mg.

I received two juices from this range to review but when I first tried them I used my Hadaly RDA but I found when vaping at a very modest Wattage I did not get a great deal of flavour. In fact what I got instead was the sweet taste of VG so I realised that I would have to go for a completely different set up and a much higher Wattage to get the best from these juices. This prompted me to swap to my Trickster RDA which is currently built with a 0.25 dual coil and I vaped between 85-90 Watts.

Anarchist Green

Apple Cookie Butter

As I have already said these juices need some really high Wattage and once you ramp up the power over 80W they do start to deliver. What I got with this particular juice was a natural and not overly sweet apple on the inhale and this was followed by a delicious buttery taste before finally culminating in a sugary sweet cookie flavour.

The flavours while very good do seem to suffer a little due to the high VG content which is unusual because I don’t typically notice it in other ranges but probably due to the VG they have used it can be a little noticeable and you occasionally get that sweet base flavour of VG interfering a little with the overall flavour. It is possible additional steep time may be needed but even so when using a particularly airy RDA it isn’t that big a deal and it was still an enjoyable vape. The buttery notes and sugary cookie are the real highlights of this flavour since ideally I would have preferred the apple to be a little sweeter and more noticeable.

Cloud production as you would expect is excellent. The Trickster puts out plenty of vapour by default but with this juice my room was quickly filled with fog. I found the throat hit to be extremely mild in 3mg strength.

Anarchist White

Delicious marshmallows and graham cracker

In contrast to Anarchist Green I found this to be a far better flavour and it did suffer from any noticeable VG flavour. On the inhale you get lovely traditional marshmallow notes and as you crank up the Wattage it almost gives the flavour that toasted quality. Mixed in with the delicious marshmallow are tasty notes of graham cracker which nicely balance the overall mix.

As marshmallow flavours go I found this to be highly enjoyable but much like the previous juice it does require a fair amount of Wattage to get the best from it. Cloud production was once more very satisfying. I cannot comment on the throat hit because I received this particular juice in 0mg strength.


Providing you are typically someone who vapes at very high Wattages these are decent juices that have nice flavours and put out a great deal of clouds. I would suggest that if you do get any noticeable VG flavour that you put them away in a dry dark place so they can steep for a little longer.

Pricing is fairly competitive and a 60ml bottle of juice is priced at £19.99. You can get this range from Grey Haze so remember to use code POTV10 at the checkout for 10% off your order. Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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