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Trickster 24mm RDA by Kennedy Enterprises

I have found myself going through a high Wattage vaping craze of late and having a lot of fun trying out new builds. In some respects I think I needed some additional variation to keep things interesting and I have really started to move towards cloud chasing RDA’s or at least ones that strike a good balance between vapour production and flavour. I feel that the Goon, Apocalypse Gen 2 and the Tokugawa were the initial first signs of this new trend and even though I really enjoy them all and still use each of them regularly I found myself wanting more (guess I’m going through an RDA revival phase) so I started to look at the Kennedy RDA’s which are very well known for their massive airflow.

The Kennedy RDA whichever variant you look at is designed and manufactured entirely in the United States and most of them do have fixed airflow which I personally wasn’t 100% sure that I would like and as such I was still rather undecided until I saw the Kennedy Trickster.

Now the Trickster uses the same two post system as the Kennedy 24 and has the same superb level of construction along with the trade mark bottom airflow but it does offer a decent amount of flexibility. Firstly the airflow can be fully adjusted and what is even more interesting is that it does support single coil builds. As you might guess I had no hesitation in ordering one so let’s dive right in so I can let you know exactly what I thought of it!

Trickster 24mm RDA features

  • 2 Post Design
  • Swappable Post System
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • Larger Build Deck
  • Larger Air Chamber
  • Larger Juice Well
  • No Leaking in Hybrids
  • Fits Most Box Mods
  • 510 Threading
  • Caters to Single and Dual Coil Builds
  • Copper 510 Pin
  • Squonker Pins available. Can be ordered from Kennedy Enterprises
  • Comes with Stainless Steel Fat Dragon Drip Tip
  • Not for use on mods with a recessed 510 connector

What’s included?

  • 1x Kennedy Trickster 24mm RDA
  • 1x Wide Bore Stainless Steel Drip Tip
  • 2x Allen Keys. (One for the screws and one for the posts)
  • 2x Spare O-Rings
  • 2x Spare Grub Screws

Unlike some RDA’s you don’t actually get a box or even a nice velvet drawstring bag. I received the Kennedy in a single press fit plastic bag and the spare O-rings, Allen Keys and screws came in another. Both bags were securely wrapped together in a substantial amount of bubble wrap. The RDA did have a very light smell of machine oil but this quickly went away after a good rinse in warm water.

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Now given the high price of this product some people might even feel a bit cheated by this but to be honest do you really need another spare box lying around that you will never use? It isn’t the first RDA to come packaged like this and at won’t be the last since my Hellfire Raptor and my Origen V3 were exactly the same and at the end of the day the Kennedy will be going straight on a mod and quite likely staying there!

Trickster 24mm RDA styling and build quality

While there are a lot of people out there who have reviewed the Kennedy RDA’s including the 22mm, 24mm and 25mm I found almost no reviews at all about the Trickster which is a shame since it is essentially a Kennedy RDA with extra options and worthy of its own review. One look at the typical Kennedy RDA might even be a little off putting to some folks since it has fixed airflow and there is no way to know if it would even suit you until you purchase it or are fortunate enough to be able to try one. In that respect the Trickster is an excellent choice and the awesome thing about it is that it does vape exactly like the two post Kennedy 24.

Another concern when looking at the Kennedy 24 or 25 are the copper posts which do require a fair bit of maintenance not to mention the fact that some people really have an aversion to copper coming in contact with their juice. Whereas the Trickster uses entirely Stainless Steel posts and the only copper present is at the centre of the deck and the 510 pin which ensures you get excellent conductivity.

The construction of the Kennedy Trickster is outstanding and it feels extremely solid and weighty. The top cap is seriously thick and has the Kennedy name heavily engraved on one side. As you might expect this RDA does have a serial number which can be found engraved on the base.

The included wide bore drip tip known as the Fat Dragon is made from Stainless Steel and it surprisingly does not get as hot as you might think at high Wattage due to the fact that the RDA is reasonably tall. It is secured by a single O-ring in the top cap and you simply press fit it. The drip tip does not wobble at all and actually feels very comfortable on the lips. If you prefer to use a different drip tip you could swap it out for another one that is the same size such as the Half Moon Fatbastahd (yes it is spelt that way for obvious reasons).

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As I have already mentioned the posts are made from Stainless Steel and secured by excellent grub screws that you tighten from the top. The post holes are pretty large and you will have no issues fitting dual Clapton or Fused Clapton coil builds. I tried some Twisted Helix coils that I purchased from Juice Junkie but since the wire was really thick I couldn’t get both of them through the holes. It might have been possible if I really forced it but I decided against it so I would suggest you look at the Kennedy 25 with its larger post holes if you plan to use coils with really thick wire.

One of the trade mark features of the Kennedy are the four large Stainless Steel tubes that rise up from the deck directing the air right underneath the coils which ensures you get excellent flavour.

Included with the Kennedy are two durable Allen Keys. One of them is for the grub screws and the other is for removing the post assembly. Kennedy Enterprises are fitting their newer RDA’s with a swappable post system since they plan to release post variations in the future. What form these finally take I can only speculate so at present your guess is as good as mine but it will certainly be an interesting feature if they fully support it and offer plenty of options.

As you might expect given the high standard of manufacturing the O-rings are absolutely brilliant with superb tolerances and I find that I can actually grab the top cap and lift my Therion 166 off the desk without it coming loose (not really something you need to do often except maybe at vape meets for a laugh). Of course when you actually want to take off the top cap it comes off easily.

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As you mightexpect given that the Kennedy is known for its massive vapour production the airflow is highly impressive. Located at the bottom sides of the deck are two massive airflow slots which draw in the air and direct it upward to the bottom of your coils. As mentioned the top cap design of the Trickster is different to the standard Kennedy and you simply rotate it to close down the airflow. I find that closing it down to 50% actually yields a noticeable improvement in flavour without too heavily compromising on vapour production. You can of course fit the top cap with only one airflow slot open which is designed for single coil use.

Now there may be many die-hard Kennedy users out there who simply like to fit the top cap without having to think about aligning it and they might even balk at the idea of a Kennedy with adjustable airflow but you have to admit that not everyone vapes the same way and there are advantages to having that feature. It certainly comes in especially useful if you live with other people who might not appreciate the cooling tower levels of vapour that the Kennedy puts out when fully opened up so being able to reign it in can certainly save on the amount of grief you get. In actual practice it takes about one second more to align the top cap and press fit it.

Keep in mind that the airflow of this RDA is intended for direct lung inhale users only and it becomes a slightly restrictive lung inhale when heavily closed down. Single Coil Airflow is still a very airy draw but a bit more restrictive and once closed down heavily you can kind of get away with a mouth to lung vape, sort of (not recommended) but you are severely limiting the cloud production potential which is what the Kennedy truly excels at.

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Ease of build

Building the Trickster or indeed any other two post Kennedy RDA is extremely straightforward. You simply fit the legs of both coils through the posts and tighten down the screws then you use your coiling tool or screwdriver to align the coils directly over the airflow tubes before finally trimming the legs. Some people like to trim the legs to size before fitting them but to be honest I have never had any issues doing it after fitting the coils.

Wicking is simple but you do need to make sure you have absolutely no cotton anywhere near those airflow tubes or you may get leaks.

How does it vape?

I typically vape the Trickster with a dual coil set up but for the purposes of this review I did try a single coil set up and went for a large 3.5mm diameter 26 Gauge twisted coil which had a good amount of surface area. I wicked the coil with some cotton bacon and on this occasion was using some Colonel Boom’s Marshal’s Traite E-Liquid.

The vape while nothing like a dual coil set up was perfectly satisfactory and flavour was actually pretty good providing I closed down the single air hole a little. In my opinion it would be decent enough if you were new to rebuildables and wanted to eventually get some practice under your belt before moving on later to dual coils. Vapour production was generous enough but I did notice an ever so slight amount of turbulence with only one airflow slot open but it wasn’t anything that would affect your enjoyment since the draw was still very smooth.


I think that if you went for something like a large Alien coil it might yield a significant improvement and I would tell you for sure if the postman had brought my new Alien coils that I ordered but sadly I am still waiting.

Of course to get the very best from a Kennedy RDA you do have to dual coil it. My typical set up in the Trickster is a dual 0.25ohm Fused Clapton Coil build which I vape between 85-100W because I really do enjoy a very warm vape. The first flavour to get tried out with this set up was some Colonel Boom’s Lt. Ripley (wish I had those Alien coils now to really compliment the theme). Taking my first vape at 85W the raspberry in this particular flavour is absolutely outstanding, being so very juicy and mouth-watering and this is complimented beautifully by the luxurious cream. What’s more the Trickster’s massive airflow ensures you get big plumes of warm and very dense vapour that will quickly fog up a small room after a few hits.

Like any bottom airflow RDA you really do get extremely good flavour and what I really liked about the Trickster was that it was a very saturated vape. As you might expect given the Wattage and the airflow the nicotine delivery is on point and 3mg juice can actually make my head buzz after a short session but one advantage to that is that I don’t need to vape as often.

Of course being the daft lad that I am I simply cannot help overdoing it with this particular RDA because blowing large plumes of vapour is seriously good fun especially when you get such lovely flavour too.  As you might expect I can get through a fair amount of juice when I have one of these sessions. Pushing this build up to 100 Watts gives you more heat, more flavour and even more cloud production but it really vapes off that juice seriously fast. The Fat Dragon drip tip does get a tad warm at this Wattage (I find it fine up to about 88W) so I actually prefer to use my Half Moon Fatbastahd.

What is very noticeable about this particular RDA is the incredibly smooth draw and I haven’t to date come across anything quite like it. The nice thing is that you don’t necessarily have to inhale ridiculously hard and you can do very light short draws and still get a very enjoyable vape. Just like all bottom airflow RDA’s the Trickster while fairly leak resistant will leak if you carelessly over drip. I must admit that is something I am guilty of at times so I tend to remove the top cap, paint the wicks with juice and fill up the well. If you are more careful than me you can simply drip juice down the drip tip and since the Kennedy RDA’s now use a two post design juice no longer bounces off the centre post which is something I have seen mentioned by a few people.

At high Wattage you will get some condensation inside the drip tip and on the top of your device near the airflow slots but it isn’t a problem and easily wiped away. For anyone who loves huge cloud production and good flavour the Trickster is an absolutely cracking vape!


In my opinion the Kennedy Trickster is an exceptionally well built and entirely American made RDA that for me strikes the perfect balance between massive vapour production and delicious flavour! Everything about it literally screams quality due to its extremely solid and weighty construction as well as its superb posts, screws and O-rings.

The airflow is incredibly smooth and absolutely perfect for my tastes and while I do tend to vape the Trickster with the airflow fully opened up I do appreciate the fact that I can adjust it to suit or even run it in single coil mode if I want to. For anyone that really enjoys massive cloud production without comprising heavily on nice flavour any Kennedy RDA is a superb choice!

To some the high price of the Kennedy Trickster (typically £84.99) might be a little off putting but I assure you it is worth every penny and providing you look after it should last you a lifetime. I am sure that if you were to try it you will definitely love it as much as I do!


The Kennedy Trickster 24mm is available from several UK vendors and a 25mm diameter version has also been released. I got mine from Evolution Vaping who provided an excellent service. If you are perfectly happy with the fixed airflow then also check out the Kennedy 24 and 25.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or vendor and have an item that you would like reviewed by our team please contact us here.

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