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Hadaly RDA by Psyclone Mods

The Hadaly is a 22mm RDA designed by Psyclone Mods. It was apparently born from a labour of love in pursuit of creating the ultimate flavour atomizer. Designed specifically for single coil builds and featuring an innovative Coil Clamping System (CCS) the Hadaly is intended to be extremely straightforward so any novice should be able to get to grips with it easily.

The Hadaly RDA also features precision adjustable airflow with four direct points of contact for superior performance. So let’s have a good look at the Hadaly and see it’s as great as it sounds!

Hadaly RDA features

  • Designed for Superior Flavour
  • 22mm Outer Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Reduced Chamber
  • Peek Insulation
  • Precision Adjustable airflow w/ 4 Direct Airflow Channels
  • Extra Deep Well
  • New Two Post Style Deck
  • Innovative Coil Clamping System (CCS)
  • Flat Head Contact Screws
  • Effortless Coil Installation
  • Heat Resistant Delrin Drip Tip
  • Squonker Bottom Feed Pin Included

What’s included?

  • 1x Hadaly RDA
  • 1x Black Delrin Drip Tip
  • Spare Screws
  • Spare O-rings
  • 1x Squonker Bottom Feed Pin
  • 1x Spare Clamp

Hadaly RDA styling and build quality

The Hadaly is a mass produced high end RDA that anyone can get hold of and in some ways the design is derivative of the much harder to acquire NarDA which at the time required seeking out two members of a secret Facebook club to vouch for you before you even get on the list to actually purchase one (strange but true).

The Hadaly is 22mm in diameter and is an incredibly compact RDA and it reminds me a little of the Derringer. While this RDA is designed by Psyclone Mods the actual machining is done in China to keep the costs down and to be honest it really is very well made with everything fitting together perfectly! There is a single engraving which is tastefully done prominently displaying the name “Hadaly” in an attractive futuristic font at the base of the top cap. Despite its small size I find the Hadaly to be a very classy little dripper that tends to look really good on a variety of devices.


This atomizer consists of three pieces, the top cap, the deck and a drip tip. Psyclone have produced alternative parts that you can purchase made from either black Delrin, clear Acrylic or Ultem and you have a choice between just the top caps, drip tips or an all in one drip tip and top cap. The inside of the top cap has a conical shape and functions as a reducer which helps to maximise flavour.

Rather strangely the Hadaly is described as featuring a deep well which to be honest is somewhat stretching the truth because it doesn’t exactly hold a massive amount of juice and due to the proximity of the air holes you can’t overfill it or it will leak. However a bottom feeding pin is included with the RDA so you can happily use it with your squonking device and this does solve the problem of the small well.

The O-rings are a bit too good and while they do hold the top cap very securely they can make fitting it a little troublesome on occasion so do make sure to heavily lubricate them. Alternatively you could simply remove one of the bottom O-rings. Personally I didn’t find the O-rings to be too much of a pain when I took into account some of the comments I had read on various forums and you can always drip juice through the drip tip. The Ultem cap (separate purchase) is definitely a tighter fit but you can still get it on and off without shredding the O-rings it just requires slightly more effort.

Included with the Hadaly is a black Delrin drip tip which fits well (standard 510 fitting) and feels very comfortable on the lips but since it is quite short it does get hot fairly quickly and I personally prefer to replace it with a slightly longer drip tip.

The deck is quite unique and features a two post clamp system that positioned at the side of the RDA and your coil when fitted hangs down into the well. The positive post features a large PEEK insulator but keep in mind that it may move out of place when replacing the 510 pin with the bottom feeding pin. The 510 pin appears to be made from Stainless Steel.

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In total there are four angled fully adjustable small airflow slots split into two pairs positioned under the posts that draw the air into the chamber to strike the coil. You might think on first glance that the Hadaly would be very restrictive draw but quite surprisingly it is rather airy. Fully opened up the draw is a somewhat restrictive direct lung inhale and as you heavily close the airflow down you can sort of use it for mouth to lung vaping but depending on your build in can get extremely hot so is probably not ideal.

Adjusting the top cap to control the airflow can be a bit awkward and quite stiff if you don’t lubricate the O-rings heavily.

Ease of use

Building the Hadaly is pretty straightforward but you will have to do one thing differently and that is when wrapping your coil legs should be at the top of the coiling rod/screwdriver so the coil can be positioned very low down in the RDA. This means that if you are someone who uses pre-made coils you may have to unwrap them slightly or add an additional wrap so both legs are facing opposite each other and make sure that neither of them are at the bottom of the coil.

Providing you follow this method you only have to loosen the screws a little and push the wire under the clamps before tightening them down. The clamps are a bit small and it might feel a little fiddly until you get used to them. I found it very easy when using thinner wire but when it came to using Clapton wire things got quite frustrating. Firstly because the clamps are small they don’t always cover enough of the wire so quite often one of the coil legs will pop out typically while you are tightening down the other side. After attempting this one too many times I ended up removing the clamps and wrapping the wire under the screws instead. Of course if you are very used to RDA’s with clamps it might be a lot easier but I personally didn’t find them as simple as the Goon or Apocalypse.

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Do be careful when loosening the screws because they are quite shallow and since they are small they can be easily lost should you drop them on the floor.

As far as coil position goes you can take time to experiment to see what works best for you. I have the coil in my Hadaly positioned so only the bottom part of the coil is in line with the four air holes which is where I happen to like it but you could have the coil even lower if you wanted. Wicking is very straightforward but do make sure that absolutely no cotton is anywhere near those air holes and don’t overstuff the wells with wick or you may get a lot of spit back.

Like I said earlier do make sure to keep the O-rings well lubricated because the top cap can be a stiff fit. If you buy any of the other top caps such as the Ultem one then apply a small amount of juice to the inside of the cap where it would come into contact with the O-rings.

How does it vape?

If you were to spend any time reading about the quality of flavour that the Hadaly offers you will find that most accounts agree that it is superb and I won’t deny that. Now realistically it depends a great deal on what other flavour chasing RDA’s you own that you can directly compare it to and I personally don’t find it vastly superior to my Snapdragon, Raptor or Origen v3 even though it is certainly better than all of them in single coil mode. I think the fairest comparison is to say that with a single coil the flavour you get from the Hadaly is at least on par with quite a lot of dual coil RDA’s because it really is a very saturated and highly flavoursome vape!

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However in some respects given the hype that has been generated about this RDA I was perhaps unrealistically expecting it to literally blow all the other competition away which is honestly not the case at all. Despite my feelings it is still an excellent vape which I am sure most people are really going to enjoy!

I tried out quite a few E-Liquids in the Hadaly and in some cases the juice certainly tasted better than in anything else I own. Fallstreak Cirrus was absolutely incredible and the vape felt a lot like I was literally eating a warm lemon cream dessert! Bunkr Apple Strudel was also highly impressive but not that much better than the vape I get in my Apocalypse with a dual 0.3ohm Fused Clapton coil build but in consideration the apple had just a little bit more crispness to it.

Colonel Boom’s Lt. Ripley was also excellent in the Hadaly but I would say the raspberry was only about 5% better than the vape I get from my Tokugawa RDA but the cream was certainly far more noticeable in the Hadaly and arguably better. Vaping Fallstreak Stratus was a bit of let down for me since the coffee really didn’t come through in the vape at all. I got the vanilla and the sugary sweetness but almost no coffee so in the case of this particular juice I personally think the Origen V3, Snapdragon and Tokugawa do a much better job of balancing the flavour notes. It is of course highly subjective and we all know that certain juices can actually be much better in completely different atomizers so you don’t always get complete consistency.

When it came to trying out Manabush juices the Hadaly really did excel and both Coyote Coconut and Omusa were exceptionally tasty with all the notes in the juices being very distinct! The Nasty Juice range that I recently reviewed were also extremely good in this RDA but when it came to trying some of Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg I actually thought that it was an equal vape in the Hadaly to many of my other RDA’s so like I said it is still all down to personal taste with certain juices.

What I have noticed is that to get very best from the Hadaly and purely in my opinion it does require a fair amount of heat (certain juices can seem a bit flat otherwise) and sometimes this can occasionally have the unwanted effect of killing off subtle flavour notes (sometimes the case with very delicately balanced flavours).


As far as builds go you could use a modest 28 or 26 gauge build aiming for around 1.0ohm but in some respects the Hadaly doesn’t really shine unless you build around the 0.6-0.8ohm region and some even suggest that you go potentially as low as 0.3ohm. Having watched a few videos and after reading a few comments on forums it appears that quite a few people like to go to the extreme and fit a Fused Clapton or Alien Coil in the Hadaly but I don’t really feel it is necessary since a 24 gauge 3.5mm ID 0.6ohm build gave me great results but I do understand where they are coming from because this RDA really does seem to crave power. As a rule of thumb when vaping the Hadaly have the wattage you want in mind and then ramp it up some more because in many ways this RDA works like some kind of vaping pressure cooker and flavour from certain juices really start to pop and almost seem like you are actually drinking the juice (obviously without the nicotine) when things start to get hot.

Just for the sake of it I actually went ahead and tried a Fused Clapton out in the Hadaly but given that I wasn’t using the RDA in squonking mode I just felt like I was vaping the well dry far too quickly just for slightly better flavour. Perhaps if I didn’t have Fused Claptons in just about every other RDA that I frequently use I would have noticed a far more significant difference in the flavour.

One problem with using any Clapton coil or indeed even standard coils depending on the Wattage is that the Hadaly gets seriously hot even when the Ultem top cap is fitted and given how short the drip tip is things can start to feel very uncomfortable after a few vapes. I actually found myself reducing the Wattage and fitting a longer drip tip just to suit my tastes.

As far as vapour production goes I think the Hadaly will really surprise you because despite its compact size and the very small air holes it does actually put out a considerable amount of vapour!

One concern you may have is the potential for leaking because the air holes are only positioned a few millimetres above the well but surprisingly I never had any serious leaks. When using this RDA I either remove the top cap, paint the wicks and fill up the well or I drip directly through the drip tip and only once or twice did I get a small droplet of juice from one air hole which was quickly wiped away but an no point was the Hadaly ever gushing huge torrents of E-Liquid over my mod. I actually found that when using thicker E-Liquid the juice actually couldn’t get past the small air holes very well.


You do of course get a certain amount of condensation build up in the top cap but since it is conical most of it tends to run back into the well. One area where juice does occasionally build up is just below the air holes near the upper O-ring but most of this never leaks because the top cap is fitted rather tight. Personally I think you will be fine providing you don’t go completely mad pouring juice in there.

It might be a different story entirely if you use the Hadaly with a squonker because the well is nowhere near as deep as you might think so you may even have to readjust your squonking habits.

If I had one criticism of the Hadaly it would be the very shallow well which is quickly exhausted even if you use the Scottish Roll wicking method so expect frequent re-dripping. Due to this the Hadaly while still excellent as a dripper would be absolutely ideal for squonking where you could have all that delicious flavour literally on tap when you need it. To be honest it has even got me thinking about getting on board the squonking bandwagon!


The Hadaly is a well machined and highly compact single coil RDA that offers superb flavour and very good cloud production. What’s more it is very straightforward to build so actually ideal for a newcomer even though thicker wire types are slightly more troublesome due to the small clamps. While it is an expensive purchase it is a slightly more reasonable one if you were to compare it with other high end RDA’s out there and since it is widely available you will not need to put your name on a list or have to resort to F5 wars to get one.

Even though it really is extremely enjoyable as a standalone dripper I would say that this is one RDA that should have you thinking about squonking because it really seems perfectly suited for that role given the small well and the fact that the bottom feed pin is already included with the purchase. If you want an excellent flavour chasing RDA for either short dripping sessions or squonking the Hadaly is without a doubt well worth picking up!


The Hadaly RDA is typically priced at £75.00 and I purchased mine along with a separate Ultem cap from The Vapour Bar who I have never ordered from before and I found the quality of service to be excellent.

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