Augvape Boreas RTA review by dw1986

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Augvape Boreas RTA

A unique looking RTA from Augvape is the Boreas RTA, a tank that sports an astonishing 8ml capacity, a beastly 25mm width with a massive 17mm Velocity styled build deck, top filling, adjustable airflow control and interestingly, two decks are included within the kit- one for ‘regular vaping’ and one for vaping high VG juice at 80W upwards. There’s huge direct to coil airflow too, so this tank looks more than capable of handling high wattage and providing big clouds.

The two deck system is an interesting prospect, and it does look like a tank capable of covering all the bases using this two deck system, so let’s have a look at the Boreas RTA and how it performs…


  • 25mm width
  • 8ml tank capacity
  • Top filling
  • Two Velocity styled build decks included- one with 2mm juice feed holes for ‘regular’ vaping, one with 2.5mm holes for vaping high VG juice above 80W
  • Both decks sport a 17mm size
  • Delrin drip tip, insulated against heat transference
  • Manufactured from food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Pyrex glass tank section
  • Direct to coil adjustable airflow
  • Adjustable 510 connector pin
  • Unique serial number 

What’s in the box?

Inside the Augvape Boreas RTA kit you get the Augvape Boreas RTA fitted with the 2mm hole build deck, a spare Pyrex glass tank section, Allen key for the post screws, instruction manual, build deck with 2.5mm juice feed holes, a wealth of spare o-rings and some spare post screws.

Design and build quality

One thing I quickly realised when taking the Augvape Boreas RTA out of the box for the first time was just how well made this RTA is. It is manufactured from food grade 304 stainless steel with a thick Pyrex glass tank section, and it has a 25mm width meaning you’ll need a suitably sized mod for this to sit flush on with no overhang. 

The finish is very shiny indeed and the tank itself sports very clean lines, with smooth threading and no sharp edges. You are able to fully disassemble the tank if you need to clean it, and a spare Pyrex glass tank is included in the retail box, so if you do manage to crack or break the original one you’ll be able to swap in the spare fairly easily. There is a removable Delrin drip tip present, that has a 510 fitting if you wish to use your own drip tips, and an adjustable 510 connector pin at the base of the tank. Laser engraving is also present here, with ‘Designed by Augvape and Roxy’ and a unique serial number. You can also interchange the decks through the base, by unscrewing the base of the tank, sliding out the deck and inserting the replacement deck, making sure it clips in.

You won’t run out of juice in a hurry, as the Augvape Boreas RTA boasts a massive 8ml capacity, which is perfect for high wattage vaping. Moderate users will struggle to get through that in a single day! The juice flow control and airflow control work in conjunction with each other, so when filling you will need to twist off the top cap to fill, rotate the airflow control ring to also close off the juice flow control, invert the tank after filling then re-open the airflow.


As mentioned above, the airflow works in conjunction with the juice flow control, so as you open up the airflow the juice flow control will also open up further, and vice versa. The airflow is made up of four large airflow holes on each side of the Augvape Boreas RTA, and a smooth airflow control ring allows you to adjust the direct to coil airflow easily. You can tell that with the size of the airflow holes found here, this tank means business!

Building the Augvape Boreas RTA

Interestingly, the Augvape Boreas RTA comes with two interchangeable build decks, that are swapped in and out easily. They both have a 17mm size, and a two post Velocity styled build deck, the only difference that I can see is the size of the juice feed holes. One has 2mm holes for ‘regular’ vaping (i.e under 80W and with juice containing less than 80% VG), and the other has 2.5mm juice feed holes for vaping high VG juice at up to a whopping 200W! 

The size of the deck and spacious post holes make it easy to build on, and when wicking you just need to ensure that your wicks rest on the base of the deck, as the juice feed holes are on the bottom of the deck much like the Aromamizer RDTA. 


Pre-installed with the Augvape Boreas RTA is the build deck containing two 2mm juice feed holes, and I used this deck first off to build with. I installed a dual coil build using two of the UD Pre Built Specialty Stainless Steel Clapton Coils, which came out at 0.25ohm. I started off vaping at 50W, which brought a decent level of flavour and vapour, but using this build I needed 70-75W to really get the best out of it. Flavour was on point and the clouds I was getting from this tank were dense indeed! It coped perfectly with juice up to 80% VG, with no dry hits experienced even when chain vaping.

Next off, I installed a dual fused 316L Stainless Steel/Nichrome 80 Clapton coil, which came out at 0.18ohm. This had a 3.5mm diameter as I wanted to test the upper limits of this tank. I started off at the 80W region with 85% VG juice, which provided a pretty warm and flavoursome vape, and loads of vapour. I cranked it right up to 110W which made the vape hot, still had decent flavour and a load of vapour production. Next up, I tried 150W, which was a very hot vape, the flavour was starting to tail off but the clouds were phenomenal! At 200W we were straying into dry hit territory, flavour was terrible, the vapour was very hot and I didn’t notice much difference in vapour density between 150W and 200W. I did feel the 80W-110W region was the one that was personally more enjoyable. To be honest, I really didn’t see the need for the 2mm juice feed hole deck after using the 2.5mm one, as this does cover all bases. I had no leaking issues even using 50/50 PG/VG juice, and it performed perfectly at all wattage ranges I tested it at.

Capacity is 8ml and I did get through this fairly quickly, I do vape heavily and I could quite easily drain 2-3 tanks worth of juice through this alone per day. If you vape moderately, and below 80W, a full tank should last you the day. I would also note that this tank does get seriously hot to the touch when vaping frequently above 100W, so it’s worth keeping an eye on that!


All in all, the Augvape Boreas RTA is a very impressive tank that definitely delivers on both the flavour and cloud fronts. The two deck system is definitely interesting, however I really don’t see the need for it other than to hold a fresh build ready to swap in, as the 2.5mm deck is capable of covering all bases. I won’t take anything away from the overall performance of this tank though, the build quality is top notch and the performance is as well to boot!