Vaping News

Hearing Loss Caused By Ecigs? The Sacramento Bee bangs its anti-ecig drum again.
03.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Researchers examine ecig social media advertising.
02.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Train bought to a halt in France due to a vape-related fire alert.
01.02.2016 by Dave Cross
Big T e-cig company fight back against a case brought against them in California
29.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Vapers refuse to roll over and accept the stupidity of supposed experts and legislators
28.01.2016 by Dave Cross
The first scare stories of 2016 about ecig fires have landed!
27.01.2016 by Dave Cross
A British study looking at youth reaction to ecig adverts causes consternation.
26.01.2016 by Dave Cross
David Sweanor mikes up and rounds on the anti-ecig lobby once more.
22.01.2016 by Dave Cross
Researcher attempts to backtrack following widespread condemnation of her vaping study conclusions and comments
21.01.2016 by Dave Cross
The government publishes its findings to the TPD consultation period
18.01.2016 by Dave Cross