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Posted 4th January 2019 by Dave Cross
Nick Green, known to vapers as Grimm Green, has released a video that offers up a stunningly disturbing insight into the anti-vape influence the pharmaceutical industry has over the USA. From flavour bans to the constant attacks on Juul, all is tied to the millions of dollars Pharma has ploughed into campaign groups and political bank accounts.

Green has led the way in raising advocacy concerns and, in a country that is waging a war on tobacco harm reduction and vaping, has produced a comprehensive summary of the ties between anti-vape measures and companies responsible for producing nicotine patches and chewing gum.

The video is a follow up to one Green released prior to Christmas, “Vaping’s Biggest Enemy”, where he looked at the ties between Big Tobacco and the pharmaceutical industry.


Green says: “The reality is that whether you buy cigarettes, or NRT products, or especially if you become ill with a tobacco-related illness – you are just a customer of Big Pharma.”


Sarah Jakes, from the New Nicotine Alliance (Britain’s consumer advocacy group) believes the follow-up video is compulsory viewing: “Buying influence US style (and the global picture is probably worse than we could possibly comprehend). Well worth a watch (both parts) if you want to know what or who is behind the war on vaping.”


Part two details what happens after Big P has “the science”, and damns the public health organisations such as the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association.

The two videos are brilliantly presented by Grimm; well researched, informative and easy to follow. Despite being aimed at the American viewer, it is indisputable that similar tactics are being used around the world. Viewing is strongly recommended for anybody interested in finding out more about the world vaping and new tobacco harm reduction products are operating in.


 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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