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Posted 8th January 2020 by Dave Cross
Stanton Glantz has brought total disgrace to his position as a professor and as director of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Tobacco Centre through shoddy science, lying, sexual harassment and more besides. He was found guilty at a UCSF disciplinary hearing and ‘sentenced’ to re-education (that he would have to pay for). 2020 begins on a more positive note as he is to “step down” as UCSF Tobacco Centre director.

“I have notified Dean Talmadge King that I will be stepping down as Director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education effective June 30, 2020,” writes Glantz.

Obviously, this is not a sacking but, just as a snapshot, here are just some of the stories we’ve covered regarding Stanton Glantz:

  • Slammed as “Specious” [link]
  • Sexual harassment case [link]
  • Forced to make an out of court settlement of $150,000 [link]
  • Debunked [link]
  • Second sexual harassment case [link]
  • Debunked again [link]
  • Slated by Siegel [link]
  • Received a pie to the face [link]
  • Disciplined [link]

There is nothing there worthy of being sacked over – certainly not when you are helping to bring millions of dollars into UCSF.

Unfortunately, “I will be continuing as an active member of the faculty, including as Principal Investigator of the UCSF Tobacco Centre of Regulatory Science (TCORS) and my other research grants, working with the UCSF Library to continue to build the tobacco and other industry documents collections, posting to the Tobacco Centre blog, and will be continuing efforts to expand the UCSF Smokefree Movies campaign to a Smokefree media campaign.  I will also be continuing my mentoring work and teaching.”

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Displaying a total lack of self-awareness, he continues: “My decision to step down is influenced in no small part by these successes. I have always been impressed with leaders who have stepped aside when the organizations they helped build are strong. Doing so increases the likelihood of a successful change in leadership that will allow the organization to accomplish even more. Dean King plans to immediately begin a national search for the new centre director.”

Laughably, he thanks the students and staff that he “had the honor of working with.” It’s not hard to think of a couple of exceptions to that list – not least the crowd of protestors that booed him during a speaking engagement last year.


  • Resignation announcement – [link]

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