Glantz Settles Claim

Posted 8th October 2018 by Dave Cross
The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Professor Stanton Glantz have agreed to pay an out-of-court settlement to Dr. Eunice Neeley, following claims of sexual harassment and race discrimination against Stanton Glantz. Glantz still faces a further legal action brought by Juliette Jackson.

The UCSF says about Glantz: “He is a globally recognised expert on e-cigarettes and is applying his understanding of the tobacco industry to the emerging marijuana industry as well as the sugar industry.”

Some might quibble over the use of the term expert given his predilection to massage data so they conform to his desired outcome, always producing a negative slant on vaping. The FDA gave UCSF $20 million to carry out more anti-harm reduction research last month.

Eunice Neeley worked as a postdoctoral-fellow and postdoctoral Scholar/Employee for the Centre for Tobacco Control Research and Education (CTCRE), run by Stanton Glantz, at UCSF.

Neeley filed a lawsuit last December, where she alleged Glantz was guilty of “consistent inappropriate behaviour”.

The filed papers stated: “Professor Glantz abused his authority and prestige at UCSF and sexually harassed Neeley, and other female subordinates, and subjected them to misogynistic and racially insensitive behaviour. While Neeley was employed at UCSF, Glantz repeatedly stared at her body and chest, leered at her, forced her to hug him on several occasions, and made sexually charged remarks. Neeley attempted to ignore Glantz’s harassing conduct and avoid him, but he persisted nonetheless. Neeley finally reported the harassment to UCSF, but no immediate action was taken to protect her. Instead, UCSF and Glantz retaliated against Neeley by removing authorship credit for a paper she researched and wrote, impacting her career and reputation to others.”

This chapter has now been drawn to a close as, in the Settlement Agreement and Release of All Claims document seen by Planet of the Vapes, the parties have agreed a settlement figure: “In order to avoid the substantial expense and inconvenience of further litigation, the parties now desire to fully and finally settle all claims.”

Neeley will receive $150,000 on the proviso that she drops all claims against Glantz. She will also regain authorship of a contested research paper (on the grounds that Glantz does not admit he “stole” it.

In April, Juliette Jackson came forward and filed a lawsuit against Glantz, claiming the head of the UCSF’s CTCRE created “a sexually-charged and hostile work environment”.

Jackson says Glantz, “repeatedly leered at Jackson’s and other females breasts. The worst came in January 2017, when a post-doctoral colleague of mine witnessed [Glantz] scream and yell, ‘I only hired you because you are Native American’,” because it enabled him to exploit her “tribal enrolment status to obtain [National Institutes of Health] funding.”

This was continued in her lawsuit, which stated Jackson, “alleges Glantz fraudulently used Jackson’s tribal enrolment status to obtain federal funding for tribal policy research that Jackson was not involved with.”

There is no current update on this second claim for sexual harassment.

 Dave Cross
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