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Posted 11th November 2019 by Dave Cross
Eunice Neeley, a former University of California San Francisco (UCSF) doctoral researcher, filed a lawsuit against her employer and former mentor Professor Stanton Glantz. She accused Glantz of “consistent inappropriate behaviour”. A “strictly confidential” letter has been released and details the steps UCSF has taken to address Glantz’ unacceptable behaviour.

Planet of the Vapes has covered almost every outburst, lie and amoral statement Stanton Glantz has made since the news section came into fruition [link]. One-time leading light in the crusade against tobacco-related disease, he is now the go-to figure for people needing pseudoscience to back up their predetermined prohibitionist stance. At a number of conferences POTV has attended, the mention of Glantz’ name prompts laughter.

The filed papers stated: “Professor Glantz abused his authority and prestige at UCSF and sexually harassed Neeley, and other female subordinates, and subjected them to misogynistic and racially insensitive behaviour. While Neeley was employed at UCSF, Glantz repeatedly stared at her body and chest, leered at her, forced her to hug him on several occasions, and made sexually charged remarks. Neeley attempted to ignore Glantz’s harassing conduct and avoid him, but he persisted nonetheless. Neeley finally reported the harassment to UCSF, but no immediate action was taken to protect her. Instead, UCSF and Glantz retaliated against Neeley by removing authorship credit for a paper she researched and wrote, impacting her career and reputation to others.”

Neeley received an out of court settlement of $150,000 and regained authorship of a contested research paper (on grounds that Glantz didn’t have to admit he “stole” it).

A second claim is still to be resolved. In 2018, Juliette Jackson alleged that Glantz “repeatedly leered at Jackson’s and other females’ breasts”. In a statement to the San Francisco Examiner, Jackson said: “The worst came in January 2017, when a post-doctoral colleague of mine witnessed [Glantz] scream and yell, ‘I only hired you because you are Native American’,” because it enabled him to exploit her “tribal enrolment status to obtain [National Institutes of Health] funding”.

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The letter from Brian K. Alldredge, the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs at the University of California San Francisco was sent to Retraction Watch. In it, Alldredge details “the outcome of the disciplinary proceeding for Dr. Stanton Glantz”.

Glantz has repeatedly denied all allegations and rejected the proposed discipline. The University’s Privilege and Tenure Committee conducted a formal hearing, and, “by a majority, concluded that the University’s Administration has proved by clear and convincing evidence that Dr. Glantz violated the Faculty Code of Conduct Part II, Sections C5 and C7 when Dr. Glantz stared at the breasts of female employees on multiple occasions and when he discussed a scene from the film Straight Outta Compton.

The Chancellor has placed “A Letter of Censure” in Glantz’ Academic Personnel file. The letter states this will be removed after he successfully completes individual training from a third-party vendor regarding sexual harassment and proper workplace conduct. Glantz will be made to pay for the cost of this course.

In addition, it notes that Centre for Tobacco Control Research and Education staff are to be offered a person “for the purpose of reporting concerns regarding Glantz’s behaviour or concerns about retaliation against anyone who participated in the investigation”.

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Recently, the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration awarded Glantz a $20 million award. It is clear that his repeated behaviour, flawed science and ridiculously unsound attacks on pro-vaping studies makes him wholly inappropriate to administer this money.


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