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The minister for vaping resigns, new appointments have been made in the Department of Health, eyebrows are raised at links to industry, and Andrea Leadsom fields her first questions
28.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Questions to ministers about tobacco harm reduction and vaping in the House of Commons
17.11.2023 by Dave Cross
The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates has launched a scathing criticism of the World Health Organization and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
10.11.2023 by Dave Cross
The associations AIDUCE, SOVAPE, LA VAPE DU COEUR, and FIVAPE launched the MERCI LA VAPE operation in May and have gathered nearly 40,000 responses
09.11.2023 by Dave Cross
The Smoke Free Sweden movement has set out policy recommendations for building a smoke free society ahead of COP10
09.11.2023 by Dave Cross
Harm reduction advocates are being advised of a new inquiry by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health that has a deadline of 15th November
07.11.2023 by Dave Cross
MPs wanted to know how children are being educated about vaping risks and when we can expect the Education Department to publish its statutory guidance in the Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum
03.11.2023 by Dave Cross
MPs comment to the media that we need to stand up to the WHO over our track record with vapes. Meanwhile, the Commons continues to discuss teen use and illegal products
31.10.2023 by Dave Cross
Mary Glindon MP, Gregory Campbell MP, and Catherine West MP provide this week’s scintillating questions about vaping, vapes and tobacco harm reduction in Parliament
27.10.2023 by Dave Cross
With the push to limit vaping freedoms well underway, questions are still being asked in Parliament, but Wes Streeting offered words of encouragement at the Labour Party Conference
20.10.2023 by Dave Cross