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Vape and tobacco harm reduction news from Parliament
18.02.2022 by Dave Cross
European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates has taken part in a recent virtual meeting held by the European Commission’s DG SANTE
18.02.2022 by Dave Cross
Peers debated vaping, tobacco harm reduction and measures to prevent youth uptake in the House of Lords
17.02.2022 by Dave Cross
Trade body UKVIA is promoting VApril 2022 to vape businesses so that they can be prepared and is providing a range of support materials
08.02.2022 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance offers up recommendations for new government policy announcements to help it achieve its levelling up ambitions
07.02.2022 by Dave Cross
While everyone was talking about parties, the political parties have found time to discuss vaping and other tobacco harm reduction issues
21.01.2022 by Dave Cross
Questions in Parliament about electronic cigarettes, alternative nicotine products, combatting smoking and tobacco harm reduction
07.01.2022 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance has looked back at its successes over the last twelve months and says UK consumers need to play their part in preventing potential threats this year
06.01.2022 by Dave Cross
Questions about tobacco harm reduction and a debate surrounding the Tobacco Control Plan have been conducted in Parliament
07.12.2021 by Dave Cross
Vape and tobacco harm reduction related activity from the House of Commons as politicians pose questions and receive answers
26.11.2021 by Dave Cross