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More questions have been asked in the UK parliament about tobacco harm reduction, vaping, and the treatment of vape shops during the COVID-19 lockdown
18.03.2021 by Dave Cross
The Ministry of Health has dismissed a petition signed by 17,357 Kiwis prompting a call to government docs to follow the evidence
05.03.2021 by Dave Cross
Questions in parliament about vaping and tobacco harm reduction to the Secretary of State for Health
01.03.2021 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance has issued a call to action for vapers to get involved with the government’s vaping legislation consultation
22.02.2021 by Dave Cross
The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping held its initial fact gathering inquiry for the forthcoming World Health Organization Conference of Parties
12.02.2021 by Dave Cross
The UK government is reviewing how well current tobacco regulations are achieving their objectives
04.02.2021 by Dave Cross
The latest news from U.K. Parliamentary discussions about vaping and tobacco harm reduction
22.01.2021 by Dave Cross
The Electronic Cigarettes (Regulation) Bill 2019-21 is to be presented to the House for its second reading on Friday 15th January
11.01.2021 by Dave Cross
The latest questions about vaping and tobacco harm reduction from the House of Commons
11.12.2020 by Dave Cross
Mark Pawsey MP addressed vapers during a recent webinar, urging them to take action to educate their local MPs
02.12.2020 by Dave Cross