Politics & Campaigns

Seema Kennedy has been appointed as Steve Brine’s replacement at the Department of Health and Social Care.
10.04.2019 by Dave Cross
Tobacco harm reduction was the subject of debate in the House of Lords.
05.04.2019 by Dave Cross
TV’s Dr Christian is launching VApril in London today. Events will be taking place across the country.
01.04.2019 by Dave Cross
India’s war on tobacco harm reduction rocked as the Delhi High Court adjudicates against the government’s ‘danger’ arguments
29.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Steve Brine, a strong supporter of vaping and tobacco harm reduction, has resigned as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Public Health and Primary Care).
27.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Public Health England’s Martin Dockrell‏ issues a call to boost video viewings to help it hit the quarter million.
26.03.2019 by Dave Cross
San Francisco officials are moving to place a complete ban on the sale of vaping products until the FDA regulates them.
25.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Coverage of recent discussion regarding vaping and tobacco harm reduction in Parliament
21.03.2019 by Dave Cross
The U.S. President announces plans to place $100 million a year in “user fees” on the vaping industry
12.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has attacked a law proposal being discussed by the Greek parliament and told them the Ministry of Health is causing problems for the public
01.03.2019 by Dave Cross