Politics & Campaigns

The Independent European Vape Alliance tells COP9 delegates that tobacco harm reduction is critical if we are to reduce smoking related disease rates worldwide
08.11.2021 by Dave Cross
A flurry of questions about vaping, tobacco harm reduction and tobacco policy have been asked and answered over the last fortnight
08.11.2021 by Dave Cross
A protest march against smoker oppression will proceed from the Broken Chair point in front of the United Nations to World Health Organisation’s headquarters in Geneva
02.11.2021 by Dave Cross
We Vape spoke at the Conservative Party Conference to argue that vaping in Britain is having a demonstrable impact in helping people stop smoking
13.10.2021 by Dave Cross
News regarding vaping and tobacco harm reduction from the Palace of Westminster
08.10.2021 by Dave Cross
Social media users have been bombarded with adverts from 'Save My Vape' – What is it and does vaping need saving?
28.09.2021 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance is calling on UK vapers to write to their MP about “the real threat from the World Health Organization”
20.09.2021 by Dave Cross
Campaigners will rally in Westminster tomorrow (WEDS) with a simple message for government: “Back Vaping. Save Lives.”
06.09.2021 by Dave Cross
Parliamentarians discuss evidence-based information, the toxicity of nicotine in e-liquid, and raising the age for the sale of tobacco products
20.08.2021 by Dave Cross
Latest vape and tobacco harm reduction related activity from the House of Commons and the House of Lords
21.07.2021 by Dave Cross