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The week continues with a flood of political coverage – today’s article is dominated by a series of questions from Rachael Maskell MP
23.06.2023 by Dave Cross
Another day and more answers to MP questions about vaping and tobacco harm reduction
21.06.2023 by Dave Cross
Absolutely nothing of note is happening in Parliament at the moment, so it’s no wonder they’ve found time to talk about vaping and tobacco harm reduction
20.06.2023 by Dave Cross
Clear evidence from Parliament that vaping is becoming weaponised as the political parties move into election mode and seek to appeal to their respective bases
13.06.2023 by Dave Cross
CAPHRA demands action on disposable vape regulation in conjunction with World Smokefree Day to protect public health and the environment
02.06.2023 by Dave Cross
It seems like an age since we last popped down to the House of Commons for a peak at what MPs are saying about vaping – let’s gooooo!
01.06.2023 by Dave Cross
Another week, another slew of questions and answers about vaping from the House of Commons
31.05.2023 by Dave Cross
Parliament considered how vaping impacts wildlife, changing the law banning under-21 smokers from buying vapes, increasing the price, and doing more promotion of switching
26.05.2023 by Dave Cross
Parliament heard calls to ban disposables, to make vapes more expensive, to ban vaping in public places and cars, and to make all vape products have plain packaging
23.05.2023 by Dave Cross
Questions and answers about vaping and tobacco harm reduction from the House of Commons
19.05.2023 by Dave Cross