Politics & Campaigns

Jo Churchill MP, has written to the chief executive of Public Health England to set out its strategic remit and priorities
21.07.2021 by Dave Cross
Organisers of the “Right 2 Switch” petition are calling on vapers around the world to take part and add their weight to the campaign
21.07.2021 by Dave Cross
Latest discussions and debates about vaping and tobacco harm reduction taking place in the House of Commons and House of Lords
16.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance has been very busy lately, from hosting a panel to discuss the future of tobacco harm reduction in the UK to calling for help with the draft NICE guidelines
13.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The old Health Secretary has now resigned and is replaced by Sajid Javid – what does this mean for vaping in the United Kingdom?
28.06.2021 by Dave Cross
Questions and answers in Parliament about matters related to smoking, vaping, and tobacco harm reduction
07.05.2021 by Dave Cross
The Scottish Parliament election takes place on the 6 May and we look at the position the parties are taking on tobacco harm reduction and vaping
28.04.2021 by Dave Cross
Trade body UKVIA has responded to the publication of the All-Party Parliamentary Group report on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control COP9
07.04.2021 by Dave Cross
Coverage of the questions about electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction that have been asked in parliament
02.04.2021 by Dave Cross
Vaping and tobacco harm reduction related matters taking place in the UK Parliament
26.03.2021 by Dave Cross