Politics & Campaigns

New Nicotine Alliance Ireland is highly critical of the positions being taken on vaping by political parties in advance of the General Election
07.02.2020 by Dave Cross
Massachusetts moves forward with its plans to place a punitive tax on vaping and threatens to confiscate vapers’ cars
19.11.2019 by Dave Cross
The U.S. House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee met recently to hear from experts about the impact of taxing vape products – then recommended doing it
12.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Norman Lamb presented the Seventh Report of the Science and Technology Committee on E-cigarettes to parliament as one of his last acts as a sitting MP
05.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Newly set up European consumer group ETHRA blossoms as the number of members has risen to 17 in the space of a few weeks
04.11.2019 by Dave Cross
Australian consumer campaign group ATHRA has responded to what it sees as a “serious threat” to vaping with a call for vapers to take part in a video campaign
29.10.2019 by Dave Cross
UK Vaping Industry Association launches unprecedented media campaign to combat harmful scare-stories
15.10.2019 by Dave Cross
Following months where Parliament has been too busy to think about tobacco harm reduction they are back to talking about vaping, HNB and related matters
14.10.2019 by Dave Cross
Leading experts and advocacy organisations like the New Nicotine Alliance have written to the Indian government, demanding the proposed ban on vaping is dropped
09.09.2019 by Dave Cross
The latest discussions from parliament about vaping and tobacco harm reduction
07.08.2019 by Dave Cross