Health & Studies

New research from the Rutgers School of Public Health finds that American doctors are still shockingly ignorant when it comes to nicotine
11.08.2021 by Dave Cross
Despite being censured for sexual harassment and shoe-horned into retirement, the incorrigible Stanton Glantz persists in trying to muddy the waters when it comes to vaping
02.08.2021 by Dave Cross
ETHRA has released graphics and a video to support its EU Nicotine Users Survey 2020 report
30.07.2021 by Dave Cross
Action on Smoking and Health has released its annual update detailing the current state of play when it comes to young people and electronic cigarettes in Great Britain
29.07.2021 by Dave Cross
A paper published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research finds that higher levels of nicotine in e-liquid increases smoking quit rates
21.07.2021 by Dave Cross
Researchers at the Moffitt Cancer Center, United States, have published a paper in The Lancet Public Health where they declare there’s a “public health potential of e-cigarettes”
15.07.2021 by Dave Cross
A team featuring Peter Hajek has published a paper documenting a new randomised controlled trial looking at the use of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation
14.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The UKECRF has released its research roundup covering papers published during May and June
09.07.2021 by Dave Cross
A new study from the reputable Mayo Clinic exposes the widely reported idea that vaping products made users more susceptible to COVID-19 as a non-starter
09.07.2021 by Dave Cross
The National Institute for Health Care Excellence has published “comprehensive” draft guidelines to tackle the impact of smoking in conjunction with Public Health England.
29.06.2021 by Dave Cross