Health & Studies

A paper presented at the Global Forum for Nicotine contains some interesting information.
16.06.2015 by Dave Cross
A research paper looking at vaping from a dentist’s perspective is highly supportive.
15.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Doctor Farsalinos has passed comment on the way vapers heat wire while forming coils, dry burn to clean and dismissed in-vitro studies.
02.06.2015 by Dave Cross
ASH releases the latest findings from the Smokefree Britain Survey, conducted by YouGov and analysed by researchers at King’s College London.
29.05.2015 by Dave Cross
American anti-smoking campaigners produce a positive report cutting through the cheap wrappings of lies.
29.05.2015 by Dave Cross
Science looks at the effect of vaping on lung function and produces some unscientific conclusions.
27.05.2015 by Dave Cross
Farsalinos releases a study to pop the final nail in the coffin of formaldehyde scare stories.
22.05.2015 by Dave Cross
A study into air quality supports vaping, but will others accept it?
21.05.2015 by Dave Cross
A new study from Doctor Farsalinos looking at the levels of metals found in eliquid vapour.
19.05.2015 by Dave Cross
The anti-vaping lobby tells pregnant women not to vape.
12.05.2015 by Dave Cross