Health & Studies

American researchers have taken a break from relentlessly droning on about teen epidemics to have another go at adult vapers
13.03.2019 by Dave Cross
University College London would like your help with a study investigating vape/HNB devices
11.03.2019 by Dave Cross
CRUK’s E-Cigarette Research Forum provides a critical overview on a recent vaping-related study
08.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Irfan Rahman linked to another negative, poor quality vape study and the Daily Mail regurgitated the ensuing press release
06.03.2019 by Dave Cross
A new research paper highlights the heightened prevalence of smoking within the homeless community and barriers to switching to vaping
27.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Vaping has been linked to a cure for a chronic nasal infection in a non-smoker and stimulates discussion about the impact of vaping on respiratory infections
26.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Dr Sharon Cox at London South Bank University would like help with a piece of research and Dr. Abby Hunter would still like submissions for her work
26.02.2019 by Dave Cross
Thai experiments purporting to measure the particulate matter of vape have been mocked by harm reduction experts
19.02.2019 by Dave Cross
UCL Research says that vapers make great mates for smokers
19.12.2018 by Dave Cross
Recruiting male and female ex-smokers who now vape to participate in research on the health effects of e-cigarettes compared with smoking conventional cigarettes and not smoking at all.
27.06.2018 by Toby Kilroy