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Full SFS Report Now Released

Smoke Free Sweden has now announced the full version of its report ‘No Smoke, Less Harm’ has been released and is available online for download

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Smoke Free Sweden says it is excited to share the full version of its report, "No Smoke, Less Harm," which delves into the impact of non-combustible nicotine alternatives on tobacco control and harm reduction. The full version expands upon compelling findings such as that Sweden, where 23.6% of adults use nicotine daily, has a 41% lower incidence of cancer compared to the European average. Smoke Free Sweden believes the health outcome is directly linked to the widespread adoption of safer, smokeless nicotine products.

Smoke Free Sweden says: “‘No Smoke, Less Harmprovides valuable insights and encourage important discussions on effective strategies for reducing tobacco-related harm.”

The report shows how nicotine usage rates across multiple countries are not linked to tobacco-related disease.

When the summary was released the other week, Dr Anders Milton, a public health expert and contributor to the report, said: “This distinction between smoking and the use of smokeless products is crucial. While nicotine is addictive, it does not cause the serious diseases associated with smoking. Our findings support a shift in focus from cessation to substitution with less harmful alternatives.”

The full report emphasises that the major problem is not nicotine use, but the method of delivery. Nicotine use through combusted tobacco leads to a significant risk of smoking related death and disease. On the other hand, the same can’t be said for safer products such as snus and electronic cigarettes.

The report shows that Swedish nicotine consumption is of a similar level to nicotine consumption across Europe. While usage remains similar, Sweden records a 41% lower incidence of lung cancer and fewer than half the tobacco-related deaths of its European peers. 

Dr Milton told us: "The Swedish experience demonstrates that understanding and addressing public misperceptions about nicotine can lead to health policies that better protect and inform consumers."

The full report is now available online and offers a detailed analysis of the data supporting Sweden’s health outcomes, along with recommendations for policymakers looking to adopt similar approaches in their countries.

No Smoke, Less Harm’, showing how non-combustible nicotine alternatives can accelerate tobacco control and harm reduction, to save millions of adult smokers’ lives can be found at the following link:

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